Why my feet are always cold? Causes and remedies

Why my feet are always cold?


As the winter season has settled, the chilly winds have knocked at every door and window. Days of the winter season often lead us to have cold feet now and then.

why my feet are always cold
Peoples are warm himself by fire on the winter cold morning in Kolkata, India.

Layers and layers of clothing always end up keeping us warm, but our feet want extra care with sock paddings and a need to be always in a comforter or quilt.

These types of incidents always make up the question, why my feet are always cold?

The doctors have provided us with a scientific reason for the big question. It answers the question of our feet having a lower temperature than our other body parts.


Whenever our body experiences a cold temperature, the capillaries of our feet tend to cut off or keep the blood supply at a bare minimum or shorten out the blood circulation to keep the other body parts warm. 


A major reason for facing cold feet is the decrease in blood circulation, but the other aspect of cold feet is damage to the nervous system. 

why my feet are always cold

Raynaud disease is an illness that results in cold feet. It makes the body of an individual overreact to the cold temperature around us.

Alongside Raynaud disease, the deficiency of Vitamin B-12 also causes the nervous system to react to cold feet, hands, and numbness with a tingling sensation.

If an individual faces poorly healing sores with cracked toes, it is best to check in with a doctor as this might also be an aftereffect of cold feet or an indication of illness.

Even though having daily cold feet is normal, if the occurrences become too frequent, it is never too late to get in touch with a good doctor.

Even though the occurrence is not as much as a complicated disease, a few measures to avoid or cure cold feet will be helpful.


The best ways to avoid cold feet are as follows:


  • Regularly Walking: 

Regularly walking in our day-to-day lives is a necessity and it also helps in blood circulation, the blood circulation results in the capillaries supplying blood to feet and having warm feet.


Having a walk after meals or between work are plus points to have a good stretch or digestion but, they will also lead to avoidance of constantly having cold feet.


  • Managing Blood Pressure:

Being able to manage your blood pressure might be difficult and might sound unimportant in this situation but it is necessary to do so in reality. 


High blood pressure is harmful to the heart and arteries, the vessels that carry oxygenated blood. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure will lead to a paced and equal distribution of blood, relieving you from the occurrence of cold feet.


  • Intake of Vitamin B-12:

why my feet are always cold

As the situation of cold feet might be from the deficiency of Vitamin B-12, it is no harm in consuming this vitamin for proper and better functioning of the body. 


It is also known for keeping your skin and nervous system healthy so, why not? To have a good source of Vitamin B-12, you can add meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese to your diet. Do not take any pills without a doctor’s recommendation. 


  • Quitting smoking

why my feet are always cold

We are all aware of the negative effects of smoking and it is not only limited to the damage it causes to our lungs. 


The thing we are not aware of is that it also causes damage to our arteries and causes blockage in the blood-carrying vessels resulting in cold feet. Therefore, one should always avoid even a swig from this harmful substance.


  • Taking care of sore feet and cracks

why my feet are always cold

The hectic days of work and making it perfect might take a toll on us and our feet. The up-downs to achieve it are very much present in our daily schedule. 


Many of the people come home and find their feet sore and swollen. To take care of themselves, one should have an hour or half to themselves for relaxation, with legs dipped in warm water and soothing music to go. People should also avoid cracked heels and toes to avoid oxygen cut off and have good feet days.


Having cold feet is not a disease. An individual should not be afraid of cold feet as it is a natural mechanism of the human body. It is one of its functions to keep you alive and growing in the sharp and chilly winds. But taking care of yourself alongside the hectic routine is a must.


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