Which is the Best Publishing Company in India : Top 5 Picks !

Publishing industry is shifting its stance from low approval rates to empowering budding writers Here is our take on the question , Which is the best publishing company in India. From BookLeaf Publishing to Notion Press, this is our top 5 picks !


Self-publishing is when an author publishes their work without the help of a traditional publisher. Written material, such as books and periodicals, are generally referred to as ebooks or tangible copies utilising POD technology.

●     More creative freedom. Self-publishing gives you more creative control over the content and presentation of your book, which is one of the finest reasons to do so


●     Better Royalties. …

●     Longer “Shelf Life” …


Here is the ultimate key to your query, which is the best publishing company.

Find out the best self-publishing company in the market.


1. Pothi

Which is the best self-publishing company
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“Writing is difficult; publishing should be simple,” Pothi argues. They will assist you in turning your book into a beautiful, professional book and presenting it to the world after you have put in the effort to write the finest book possible. They use a somewhat different business strategy than other Indian self-publishing firms. They don’t provide publishing bundles; instead, they provide services with a la carte and charge for book printing.


Pothi is a highly helpful self-publishing tool that allows you to quickly and easily have your titles published. The staff is courteous and professional. A no-nonsense attitude, a free to use print-on-demand platform, optional services when needed, distribution via relevant channels, and a no-nonsense approach.

Hence making it to the top of our list of which is the best publishing company

2. BookLeaf Publishing

Which is the best self-publishing company
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Even though not as popular, the BookLeaf publishing company has been an ever-rising proponent of independent author publishing cravings. The fresh entry in the realm is taking the writing world by storm.


Since its inception, it has been their allegiance to endorse and add to the rich literary bequest of our country. With BookLeaf Publishing, we get an extraordinary portfolio that comprises books across genres.


They do understand the significance of authors who opt for self-publishing.

Perfectionists always strive for the best and can go to any extent to fulfil their vision. At BookLeaf, they are trying to deflect the paradigm. By catering to those looking for raw, new, authentic voices.


Today, they are understood for their choice of modern fiction as well as narrative non-fiction, across categories like biography, travel, business, politics, history, religion and philosophy, lifestyle, cookery, health and fitness, sports and leisure, and illustrated and children’s books.


You won’t have to wait months for a response from a publisher. In only a few weeks, you can publish your book.

Their price is quite competitive in the market, which attracts the attention of authors all around the world.

Why should you have to wait a year to find out how well your book is doing? Get alerted whenever a copy of your book is sold anywhere in the world.


Don’t be satisfied with little royalties and a yearly payment. Make the most money from your book sales and be paid regularly.

BookLeaf Publishing makes it to the second place in the list of which is the best publishing company.

3. White Falcon Publishing

Which is the best self-publishing company
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Authors can use White Falcon Publishing’s services to self-publish books in India for worldwide distribution. White Falcon offers a variety of services to help authors turn their unpublished manuscripts into published books, including design, editing, marketing, and distribution. It also includes two additional platforms, ScholarGram and BooksFun dr., in addition to POD(As the name implies, this method entails publishing books in tiny batches rather than maintaining a large inventory.) Scholar Gram seeks to transfer the scholarly output of Indian academics from the dusty shelves of their universities’ libraries to the forefront, making it freely available to anybody who needs it.


White falcon Publication secured third place in the list of which is the best publishing company.

4. Blue Hill Publication

Which is the best self-publishing company
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IIT, Kharagpur chose Blue Hill Publications as its Publishing Partner for their SpringFest in  2019. With over 1 lac visitors from all over the world, the festival is regarded as one of the most famous cultural and literature events hosted by the country’s most prestigious organisations. It was an honour for Blue Hill Publications to assist us in developing a positive connection with the IIT Kharagpur student union.


Although they are a self-publishing business, they have high-quality requirements and do not accept all ideas. Before accepting a proposal from an aspirant, they go through a screening process.


The firm is headquartered in Patna, but it has a huge staff spread around the country, including a few individuals from Sri Lanka and the United States.


Hence, Blue Hill Publication takes fourth place in the list of which is the best publishing company.





5. Notion Press

Which is the best self-publishing company
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Notion Press, located in Chennai, India, is an Indian self-publishing firm. The business publishes, produces, and distributes books all over the world. It has published over 2000 writers’ works and sold books in over 100 countries since its establishment. The business introduced the Xpress service for aspiring authors in late November 2018.


Notion Press is a fantastic platform, and the people behind it is doing fantastic work. There’s not much that can be added to it. Despite the influx of harsh criticism, Notion Press is doing really well.


Last but not the least, Notion Press Publication takes fifth place, in the list of which is the best publishing company.

So what’s your pick, let us know in the comment box below.

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