What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean And Why Is It In Trend?

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean

The wardrobe when pictured is a large cupboard with hanging space and drawers, solely all purpose-designed for keeping our clothes and essentials.

In the modern world as the size of apartments has decreased so has the size of the wardrobes. In this article, we are going to give you an insight into the trending capsule wardrobe.

But before diving into letting you know more about the topic of discussion, let’s talk a little about the history of the wardrobe. 

The early 14th century was the time when the first wardrobe was made. But it was known as the room where the clothes were kept.

Later, we could see examples of an actual wardrobe in historical documents. Earlier these wardrobes were only found within wealthy households and they were made with heavy carvings and details making a bold statement in the bed-chamber. Whereas in the normal middle-class families, wardrobes were very simple and plain.

Today, in the contemporary style of living people prefer wardrobes that are elegant looking but at the same time take less space.

When we talk about a wardrobe that consumes less space, the word that comes to our mind is a capsule wardrobe.

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean?

Capsule wardrobe in simple terms refers to a small collection of garments that are designed and harmonized in color to be worn together. This wardrobe was brought back in the game by ‘Susie Faux’ in the 1970s.

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean

A capsule wardrobe will always be in trend due to the idea behind its creation. So the main idea of this wardrobe is that it’s a collection of limited but important essential items of clothing that rarely go out of fashion. For example- skirts, shirts, earrings, watches, and some seasonal wear.

It’s very much preferred in countries like America and Britain etc. It aims to have a suitable outfit for any occasion without owning a large number of outfits.

Choosing what to wear is one of the most hectic jobs for anyone. But a capsule wardrobe makes it easier for us.

Some of the benefits of capsule wardrobe are:-

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean

  • Choosing clothes gets easier – In this type of wardrobe, you only keep clothes that you look good in or the ones that are your favorite. 


You don’t have to try clothes again and again and waste your precious time as everything in your wardrobe is as per your liking that makes deciding what to wear easier.


  • Satisfaction – This wardrobe helps you keep only those clothes that you love and feel great in, so as a result you shop less and feel content with your wardrobe. You will also appreciate what you have and carefully spend your time and money on it.


  • Saves money – It helps in curbing excessive shopping. You may occasionally replace or add new items to your capsule, but overall when you buy fewer clothes, money is ultimately saved. This also helps you to invest money in other important matters.


  • Neat and organized – When you own fewer clothes, it means you have more space in your wardrobe, which helps you to keep your clothes in a neat and organized manner.


Your drawers and shelves aren’t stuffed with heaps of clothes. Keeping your clothes is easier and finding them too

  • Saves time – You can’t take all day long to decide what to wear. This wardrobe makes choosing clothes easier for you. You won’t take a lot of time selecting as only the best of your clothes are in this wardrobe. Hence it saves your time.


Barack Obama once said, “dressing from a limited amount of clothes helps them in their decision-making power.”

Some of the necessities or tips for capsule wardrobe are:-

What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean

  • Formal / Accessories – Necklaces, Earrings, etc.
  • Outerwear – Jackets, hats, mittens, etc.
  • Lounge – Pyjamas, yoga pants, sweat-shirts, etc.
  • Workout – Tracksuit, gym wear, etc.
  • Casual wear – T-shirts, shorts, skirts, tank tops, etc.

Having a capsule wardrobe for yourself will make your life so much easier. As time and season change so will the clothes in the wardrobe but the benefits will remain the same and that’s the best part of having a capsule wardrobe. So stop thinking and start building your creative capsule wardrobe!


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