What BTS Means ? Know All About The Grand Band And Its 7 Super Cool Members

What BTS Means? BTS Fashion- Best of The Style

What BTS Means
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There’s no stage without BTS performing on it, no stadium complete without ARMY’s, no person unaware of Bangtan Sonyeondan abbreviated as BTS. Well, if you don’t know who BTS is, I am sorry but you are way behind the times, living under a rock. 

What BTS Means?

BTS is a South-Korean K-pop boy band that creates chart-topping music. Debuted in 2013, this group of seven charming members has skyrocketed to the top of the music world. They never fail to dominate the US charts, ruling the hearts of millions, they are the biggest names with a huge powerful fandom called ARMY.

what bts means
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The group has 7 strength stages named RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook. Don’t mistake them as 7 ordinary boys from Korea, because they are legends and ever-glowing sensations in the music industry. They have changed the way music was falsely perceived all these years.


These men have aced everything, whether its music, visuals, choreographies, hairstyles, concepts, versatility, duality, fashion, warm-hearted, kind nature, fandom, MVs, and whatnot. It wouldn’t be naive to consider that everything was set up for them to succeed.


Their comeback isn’t just a comeback. With every comeback they make sure every distraught soul is healed, everybody moves with their tunes, every eye is widened by their visuals, every sentence doesn’t go unsung, every stadium goes sold out and every ‘normal’ thing is forgotten. They are known for their bad habit of shaking the charts regularly.

Sweeping every possible award, BTS has proven the power their music and fandom holds. It is the first-ever Korean group to receive the most American awards and the most ‘daesangs’ ( the highest degree of the award in Korea).

Records aren’t made because of hard work; they’re made so that BTS can break them. BTS made history by becoming the first group to win all daesangs at a year-end award show at the 2019 Melon Music Awards.


Talking about BTS we cannot leave ARMY behind, the relationship BTS and ARMY share are the same as achievements and BTS, a never-ending story. The biggest boy band has got the biggest fandom’s back. With all the love we welcome all the ARMY’s and soon-to-be ARMY’s who are here to follow their BTS’ fashion.


BTS – ‘Beyond The Style’ fashion


Other than the airport look that makes the heart of all ARMY’s melt like a lump of sugar in a child’s mouth, the kings set trends for every outfit they wear. There is no fashion that BTS follow, but there is a unique fashion that they have created which does not only leave ARMY’s’ jaws dropped.

Classy is the only word that will escape your mouth after you see the heartthrobs in their unique style.

Adhering to the iconic fanchant by ARMY’s all around the world, permit this article to take you through the simple yet the most iconic fashion.


Kim Namjoon

What BTS Means

Starting from our leader that held BTS members together in all the bitter and sweet times, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster abbreviated as RM. Not only with his cute dimples but also with the fashion that describes his duality Joonie with his other 6 members is a fashion icon.

Grammy-nominated rapper’ fashion being a thread has driven ARMY’s all over the world crazy for ‘that’ aesthetic piece.

Just like the leader’s poetic lyrics his fashion has got meaning. His easy fits include earthy palettes, loose kimono-style jackets, beanies, shorts, cardigans, long coats.

The best leader also keeps the fans updated with his Twitter uploads with the #KimDaily, where it is clearly evident that only Kim Namjoon can pull off denim on denim like no one else, that God of Destruction has the power to destroy your boring fashion, that he has got the street style.


Kim Seokjin

What BTS Means

The hyung of the group has got the fashion which tells you the difference between simple and boring!

Everything suits this oldest member who is sometimes mistaken as maknae because the worldwide handsome has the confidence like no one else. From oversized hoodies to T-shirts, it seems like everything is made only for our Jin.

With his favourite colour as pink, he has rocked all his pink outfits which not everyone can master.

His closet shouts classic simplicity. The visual king graces our screens with selfies in clean button-downs and stylish statement coats, and it goes without saying that he knows how to dress in a suit.


Min Yoongi

What BTS Means

The most savage member, just like his personality he wears straightforward styled clothing.

The rapper often wears his favourite black. But just like his personality, he understands how to use various neutral hues to break up the monotony.

Suga’s style emphasizes that swaggering, no-nonsense ease, whether he’s in the studio producing the world’s next blockbuster single or hanging out at a strawberry field.

The producer often shares his selcas which obviously goes viral with more than 20K cheers on Weverse.

Fans go crazy over his airport look just as his hidden soft personality which proves that he is a soft boy inside.


Jung Hoseok

What BTS Means

The sunshine of the group has a bright fashion sense just like his personality.

Known as the fashion icon of the group, the person with the best fashion sense Jung Hoseok is the idol to look upon.

With his favourite sprite in one hand, he dances on the stage having a funk look favouring rocking streetwear.

The best dancer’ moves match with the clothing he wraps his body with. Having a fashion that always brings a smile to his ARMY’s face.

Giving fashion hope to all of us, hobi is seen with an oversized hoodie along with knee-length shorts. Well, oversized hoodies and hobi look the best.

Talking about professional clothing, hobi kills it!


Park Jimin

What BTS Means

The angel with a dangerous duality has a fashion to adopt. You will always spot this talented makanae in tight pants appreciating his calves. Mochi has got impressive fashion sense.

With a favourite brand as Gucci, the dancer has an effortlessly cool wardrobe. Park Jimin has a closet over which both a boy and a girl drools.

Mochii will be seen in tight-fit lowers most of the time making ARMY’s simp over his perfect body.

A riot turtleneck tucked inside leather Black Jeans makes him look like a bad snazzy guy.

The same jimin looks super cute in aesthetic sweaters describing his other personality.


Kim Taehyung

What BTS Means

The world’s most handsome man is the brand ambassador of a well known luxurious brand, GUCCI. 

V is often spotted wearing loose-fitting sweatshirts and slacks proudly holding Yeontan.

V’s clothing, which can be summed up in one word: Gucci, combines comfort with high-end fashion. V is frequently dressed in fancy clothing from head to toe.

Words can’t describe how TAE brags luxury fashion with comfort, making fans and celebrities go ‘wow’.


Jeon Jungkook

What BTS Means

The golden maknae has the most put-together fashion.

The youngest’ go-to white T-shirt and Timberland boots emanate such natural, subtle masculinity that we can’t even blame him for wearing them again and again.

The group’s bunny has a big backpack, plenty of bucket hats that perfectly suit him.

Something similar is his personality and duality, his hand tattoos and the angelic voice.

His closet is just casually practical.


Brand ambassadors


With such killing duality, there is no question why boys are perfect for being a brand ambassador. BTS has a sense of perfection in styling, and the way they wear and carry clothing leaves us simply astounded.

This is the reason why Louis Vuitton, a luxury brand, has the most handsome ambassador, BTS.


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