What are the 7 natural wonders of the world

What are the 7  natural wonders of the world in 2021?

Who doesn’t love nature at its best, Mother Nature itself brings out the best of what it can offer by giving us the beauty and landscape that can mesmerize us just by staring at it.

The world might have progressed to newer technologies and development but the wonders from nature remain untouched like a mother caring for her child and it does attract tons of people from parts of the world to look into the best of what nature can offer to us.

Here are the top seven natural wonders of the world handpicked just for you.


  • Victoria Falls, Africa
what are 7 natural wonders
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Located on the Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border, Victoria falls is not just any ordinary fall you can find anywhere. While it may not have the highest or the widest range of waterfall but it has the single largest single sheet of flowing water or waterfall when you consider both its height and width of the fall. This wonder of nature makes it into the list for its view with the so-called famous smoke that can be seen from 12 miles which makes it a must check out a place for your destination.


  • Mosquito bay, Puerto Rico
what are the 7 natural wonders
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Considered as one of the best places to visit in the world to see nature’s work in action with its jaw-dropping and fascinating spectacles of itself, found on the isle of Vieques, which is off the eastern coast apart from the main island and considered to be a home for dinoflagellates that emits lights you can never find elsewhere that is of blue-green light across the atmosphere that makes it worth a watch.

Considering the phenomenon it is said that it occurs in only 6 places out of which Mosquito bay is considered as the brightest which makes it into the list.


  • The great barrier reef, Australia
what are the 7 natural wonders
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Diving into the seas it is considered as the world’s largest coral reef and the earth’s biggest single structure made from a living organism, Incorporating more than 900 islands and cays. The Great Barrier Reef was taken in as a world heritage site in 1981 for its tradition and biodiversity also showcasing its unique features apart from others making it a dream place to visit for divers and surely tourists also.


  • Grand canyon, U.S
what are the 7 natural wonders
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The grand canyon may not be the longest or the steepest but it sure did make it into the list as a world heritage site for its overall scale, size, and beauty of the colored landscape.

Located in Arizona, 277 miles long with more than a mile deep the people who have visited it considers the expansive and break taking view to be the only place that cannot be found elsewhere in the world and it sure is a sight worth the watch besides being a tourist attraction place.


  • Paricutin, Mexico
what are the 7 natural wonders
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It is a cinder cone volcano located in Mexican state Michoacán. This work of nature was taken into the list of the seven natural wonders of the world in 1997 for its exclusive place and especially for those who love geology, volcanology besides being a dormant volcano and attracts tons of people who want to go for a hike to climb this place making it a site for different types of people to enjoy nature’s masterpiece at hand.


  • Aurora Borealis
what are the 7 natural wonders
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Aurora borealis is also often referred to as the northern lights, it is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena that occur or takes place. It is also one of the many things to witness at least once in a lifetime as it is not found in a specific location as it varies from place to place. Aurora borealis is also termed as dancing light marking it into the top list to check out as it appears after 11years.


  • Mount Everest Nepal and china
what re the 7 natural wonders
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The most well-known mountain in the world for climbing and achieving the impossible by flagging up on top of the mountain, it is also notorious for leading many climbers to its death but it does not stop for people to wonder of this mountain the nature has to offer.

It is quite mesmerizing to look at and a site attraction for many people wanting to achieve the feat of conquering the peak.

In the above article I tired to answer what are the 7 natural wonders of the world. Hope the readers would have enjoyed it.


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