9 authentic ways about how to choose curtain pattern!

A guide on how to choose curtain pattern ?


There are many types of curtain pattern  for different parts of your house and different rooms. There is a vast variety also because millions of people use it for many purposes like, to black out light from the windows or could also be totally to decorate or for esthetics of the space. The purely decorative curtain pattern being the faux silk drapes or translucent lace curtain pattern. The functional ones being something that blacks out light into the room.


Here are 9 things you need to consider about curtain patterns while selecting curtains for your space!


1) Types of Curtain pattern

There are various types of curtains and you’d have to consider a lot of things like – Are you searching for a functional type of window curtains or are you looking for something that is purely decorative?

Where are you exactly hang the curtains? Are those for a window or to cover a door? How are you going to hang the curtains – are you going to use curtain rail or curtain rings etc? Knowing what you’re exactly shopping for is very important. Narrowing them down, the following are the options regarding curtain patterns-

  1. a) Single panel – This is a single curtain of desired length and width.
  2. b) Panel pair – These are a pair of panel curtains. (This is one of the classic and contemporary style of curtains present)
how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. c) Valance – This is a short curtain that covers the top of the window. This is a purely decorative type that adds to the normal curtains.
  2. d) Window tier – These are curtains that cover the lower part of the windows wherein a little privacy is necessary and ventilation is also required.
  3. e) Window treatment set – These are a combination of Valance and Window tier. These are also purely decorative.
  4. f) Window scarf – This is a vintage looking decorative type of curtain.
  5. g) Liner – Window liner is an add-on to curtains to give more blackout from light.


2) Opacity

Curtain opacity is an important factor to be considered depending on the room/place they are for and purpose they’ve to fulfill. Ask yourself these questions before selecting a level of opacity – What is the amount of sunlight you want to pass through the curtains? Are the curtains for purely decorative purposes or any other purpose is to be fulfilled? The different opacity levels are as follows –

how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. a) Sheer curtain pattern – They’re thin, semi-transparent fabrics that allow most sunlight to pass even when closed and offer minimum privacy.
  2. b) Semi-Opaque – They’re a blend of sheer and blackout materials. They offer more privacy than the sheer curtains and allow little less sunlight than that of the sheer curtains.
  3. c) Blackout – These are thicker materials which give the most privacy and allow least amount of sunlight to pass through.


3) Attachment style

Attachment style is a factor to consider if you’re looking for an esthetic factor. The type of attachment of the curtains to the curtain rod should be visually pleasing especially when you’re not using any Valance. The different types of attachments are –

how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. a) Rod pocket
  2. b) Grommet and Eyelet
  3. c) Tab Top
  4. d) Hidden tab


4) Curtain style

The type of curtain should go with the style of the living space and the surroundings. The different types of styles you can choose from are –

how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. a) Classic
  2. b) Contemporary
  3. c) Casual
  4. d) Modern


5) Material

The material we choose directly or indirectly also determines the opacity of the curtain and the overall style of the curtains. The different materials you can choose from are –

  1. a) Cotton
  2. b) Lenin
  3. c) Velvet
  4. d) Silk
  5. e) Lace
  6. f) Burlap
  7. g) Synthetic


6) Curtain patterns

These are to be chosen keeping in mind the surroundings. The basic patterns are –

how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. a) Curtain Patterns – Floral, stripes, checks and plaid, toile, and paisley.
  2. b) Solid colours


7) Curtain length

Different curtain lengths should be used for different applications. Not all curtain lengths go with all window lengths. Different lengths you can go for are –

  1. a) Sill – These hang exactly to the length of the window sill or a little above them.
  2. b) Apron – This length is of curtains elongate the appearance of the windows. These are great for small windows and the curtains come down by a couple of inches.
  3. c) Floor length – These are perfect for sliding doors or any doors or long windows in particular.
  4. d) Puddle – These are extra long floor length curtains that puddle down on the floor. They give a romantic or dramatic appearance to the entire space.


8) Curtain Width

Along with the length of the curtains, width also is a small consideration to be made depending on the width of your windows.


9) Specific Curtain features

In addition to all the above mentioned factors, there might be added features you might look for depending on various reasons. Some features you can try attaining are –

how to choose curtain pattern
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  1. a) Insulating/Thermal Curtains – These are preferred in environments where the climate is cold and insulation is required.
  2. b) Noise reducing – These are apt for Home theatre rooms, studios and in bedrooms for light sleepers.


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