Want a picture-perfect smile? Here are the best 5 dental treatment

Top 5 Dental treatments for a Million Dollar Perfect Smile!

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A perfect smile is the most important accessory to every face irrespective of gender, race, etc. A million-dollar smile is a boost of confidence in every situation. It is believed that an open smile can win you many hearts. A lot of people are insecure about how their teeth look and hence can’t talk and smile openly but always go by this quote ‘Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.’  And what a coincidence, I’m a to-be Dentist myself so what if I give you 5 treatments that can fade away all your insecurities and give you your Confident Million Dollar Smile?

Go on to know more about the best 5 treatments for a perfect smile!


  1. Braces –
perfect smile
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It is the most common Orthodontic Treatment preferred to correct dental crowding and to straighten your teeth, which helps reduce the chance of damage of misaligned teeth. The dental crowding and misalignment of teeth lead to an improper bite which in turn causes direct or indirect damage to your cheeks and gums. In some cases, it can also affect the shape of your face. This treatment requires you to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene as this may lead to tooth decay. This dental treatment can begin anytime after 12years of age.

These are of two types, one being the typically fixed metal braces and the other one is the upcoming Aligners which are removable, are made of clear plastic and the best part they’re invisible. The only difference between the two is only aesthetic because both function the same way.


  1. Teeth Whitening –

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It is an effective treatment if you have yellow, stained, or discoloured teeth. It involves bleaching your teeth making them lighter by a shade or two. It is a procedure that involves many visits to your dentist over a couple of months to get it done as desired with full-fledged results. It also involves self-sessions of using bleaching gel at home as well. A newer procedure called laser whitening is also being done in recent times for instantaneous results.

If you don’t have extreme yellowness, stains, or discolouration you can opt to go for a procedure known as scaling and polishing, it is when your teeth are professionally cleaned by the dentist by carefully removing any deposits that build up.


  1. Crowns and Bridges –

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A teeth crown is a type of cap that covers the real tooth and a bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing or broken tooth or teeth. Both of them can be either made of metal or porcelain. Both of them are fixed prostheses for better aesthetics.

Veneers are another kind of prosthesis that can be used to reshape, resize or change the color of the tooth. These are thin shells used mostly for the anterior teeth. These are strong, durable, tooth-colored, and are best for stained or discoloured teeth. However, these need to be cleaned and maintained properly to avoid tooth decay.


  1. Implants –

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Dental implants are tooth root replacements usually made of titanium. They’re fixed in the jawbone through surgery and is the only option when patients lose their complete tooth due to any given reason – decay, trauma, or injury. It is also the only option for patients with a shrunken jaw due to loss of teeth and that can’t support dentures. Implants are safe, comfortable, and are a durable option when maintained with proper oral hygiene.


  1. Dentures –

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Also known as False teeth, they are fitted in place of natural teeth. Dentures can be a Complete Denture – to replace all teeth or a Partial denture – to replace 1 or more missing or extracted teeth. These are custom-made and are usually made of resin or plastic. They can be removable or fixed. Removable ones can be cleaned or brushed at the same time as you brush your other teeth. A full set or a complete denture set that is usually given to elderly people needs to be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution.

Dentures are also important once you lose your natural teeth for functional help – chewing.

So, these were my personal top 5 Dental treatments I’d suggest for a million-dollar perfect smile at any age because everyone deserves a confident, million-dollar smile, Keep smiling!

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