Wall plates decor: The Best 3 Choices


wall plates decor
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Trends today are just keeping us on the edge of our seats. But no one would have ever speculated that these standards would rise to a sky-hugging level. 

You may believe that DECOR is only used to beautify your home; however, you are mistaken. 

It can impart precise truths, evoke a strong emotional response, and elicit deep thought in the space of a dozen words or less.

Those who follow trends closely know that today’s trends aren’t just for our bodies or faces; today’s market is brimming with ways and methods to style our homes as well. 



wall plates decor

If we talk about styling, we’ll see a long queue of spiffy people eager to flaunt their outfits, but is style solely defined by your clothing or is it just the home interior design for that matter? 

When it comes to interior decoration, most people deem the living room to be the first room to be decorated.

Fair enough! A living room is more than just a room; it is the core of a home. The way your living room is embellished is how well a house is considered. 

But, when it comes to living room design, are elegant furniture, classy floating planks, quintessential seating, and aureate lighting all that counts? Have we ever spared time to notice how pertinent walls are in a home?

Walls are far more than a single coat of monotonous paint. A tastefully decorated wall can transform a home.

It gives the impression of your life being more exciting than it is. In today’s era, the oldest thing that you might have in your house is YOU. 




The crockery that you were showing off yesterday is now hung on your wall! Well, yes you read it right. Wall Plates have given more significance to the crockery that was just kept in your cupboard for so long. 

These add a touch of class to your living room walls, making them look elegant ‘more than yesterday but less than tomorrow’.

These are a perfect match for your walls, and the furniture around them looks excellent and sleek. 

Wallplates are a must-have centerpiece for anyone looking to spruce up their home.

To match with the updated trends, you should right away replace your bland stuff with these modern wall plates decor:


  • Blue Kettle Wall Plate
wall plates decor
image source: pinterest


A floral-patterned kettle, just like the ones you read about in English books or saw in movies, now on your wall? NO! This is not happening.

You’ll be surprised if I tell you that the same kettle that you’re picturing now will be on your wall plates in various sizes. While being overly protective of this work of art, keep in mind that you don’t need to wash it; instead, wipe it with a dry cloth.


  • Ceramic Wall Plates With Modern Art Design 
wall plates decor
image source: pinterest

Not to serve food, but when this artwork is seen, the viewer’s jaw will be 6 feet under the ground. Wrapped in soft paper and packaged with bubble wrap and a cardboard box, this blessing will arrive safely at your location.

Easy to install, and available in a variety of sizes, this image in art is just right to compliment your living room.


  • Luxury Floral Design Ceramic Wall Plates
wall plates decor
image source: pinterest

Observing flowers in one’s garden is extremely therapeutic. Why not feel the same euphoria by gazing at your wall, which is lovingly hugging the artwork that will captivate you? The sky has caught the aesthetic piece’s craze!

~I know you’re now eager to learn the right place to buy these plates and who wouldn’t. 


Pepperfry is the one of the major brands that you can write down in your diary as the one who will safely deliver your ideal wall plate.

WaalMantra provides you with additional features that are just icing on the cake. 

Cyahi, Fabindia, Ferns N Petals, Fabindia, and The Artment can keep the list in your diary going.


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