Ultimate guide to, what are bodycon dresses

Bodycons – A sizzling style.

What are bodycon dresses?

A bodycon dress is a tight figure-hugging dress. It derives its name from Body confidence or originally Body conscious which in Japanese is ‘Bodikon’.


The bodycon trend has been loved by everyone for quite some time. We’ve all seen and admired celebrities such as the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, Nora Fatehi and many more. But these have made their way to the ramp too, thanks to the designers.


The curve hugging cut and how it boosts your assets isn’t for everyone but it requires a lot of confidence to pull off a bodycon. It is believed that girls who can rock a bodycon aren’t afraid of showing off their curves. Bodycons are all about showing your hourglass figure. It is a perfect fit from your neckline to your hemline. Their lengths go from short, mini, mid-length to long.


Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts for bodycons.


Do’s –

  • Show off your best features
  • Love yourself, be confident
  • Layer it
  • Pick a thicker fabric and in darker colours
  • Cinch the waist



  • Don’t show too much skin
  • Don’t choose a thin or sheer fabric
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories
  • Don’t forget shapewear
  • Don’t wear flats



How to carry a bodycon dress?

what are bodycon dresses

  • With a jacket and sneakers for a casual look.
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest
  • With thigh-high boots for a fashionista look.


  • With a blazer and heels for a formal look.
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest
  • With a long trench coat.


  • Try an off shoulder and high neck sleeveless bodycons as is or with a sleeveless cardigan and a jacket respectively.



Different Types of bodycon dresses –
  1. Bodycon Mini Dress
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest

A mini bodycon hugs the figure while sitting above the knee. The length and style of a bodycon mini dress accentuates both your legs and curves.

  1. Bodycon Midi Dress
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest

It is the most famous length of a bodycon. This type is that it hits mid-calf but typically it can sit anywhere below the knee and above the ankle. This type also shows a wide range of variety as in long-sleeved, lace, vibrant colors and anything that you wish for.

  1. Bodycon Maxi Dress

This length anywhere from the ankle to the floor. This type of bodycon is figure-flattering and highlights your curves perfectly. Among different types of bodycon dresses this one  can be perfect for a chic look and also for an amazing party look. Bodycon maxi dresses are off lately getting pretty famous for maternity shoots as well.

  1. Sleeveless Bodycon Dress
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest

These are perfect for the summers and expose the right amount of your upper body. This again can be mini or maxi length depending on your choice.

  1. Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress
what are bodycon dresses
image source: pinterest

These are perfect for a stunning, sleek and a sophisticated look. This is perfect for someone who wishes to show their legs and not their upper body.

  1. Tube Bodycon Dress

The name speaks for itself, it is a tightly fitted tube-shaped dress that outlines the figure. It is a simplistic piece that is perfect for a wide range of occasions from simple chic to sexy in no time.

  1. Sexy Bodycon Dresses

The ultimate goal of bodycon clothing is empowering self-esteem through figure-flattering fashion.



Bodycon and different types of body shapes-


Empower yourself and be more confident on your own skin. If you’ve never worn one, you must style one as soon as possible. Regardless of the shape, every body is beautiful and bodycon looks stunning on any shape. Let’s talk about $ common body shapes –

  1. Rectangle Body Shape –

Rectangle body shapes look great in bodycon that create curves and an illusion of defined waist.

  1. Apple Body Shape –

It is a body type where your shoulders, waist, upper back are broad and have a fuller bust with thin legs/thighs. They should play up the bottom with bright colors, prints and texture.

  1. Pear Body Shape –

They’re the heaviest around their waist and hips. Vertical seams, pleating, contrasting stitching elongate your frame visually.

  1. Hourglass Body Shape –

This body shape is naturally balanced, width of your hips and shoulders are proportional. They are the best type for bodycon dresses, it accentuates your curves.



After knowing what are bodycon dresses most people  believe that only people with a perfect shape can wear a bodycon dress. But when it comes to styling, I believe personal choice, confidence and comfort take precedence over shape, figure or even age for that matter. Anyone of any shape, size and age can rock  bodycon dresses if they abide by the do’s and don’ts for a bodycon dress!

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