Best 5 Fashion Icons who have been ruling the game

Eternal Fashion Icons; the Past and Present 


Fashion has always been dynamic but something that has remained constant for time immemorial is the fashion icons. 


Fashion icons have always been regarded as trendsetters for different generations over a huge period. Their style is unique and has been loved by people of different age groups and that’s what truly sets them apart from others.


Fashion icons will always be a part of history, the present and the upcoming future and their style is bound to leave an impression on people’s hearts.


Let’s have a glance at these 5 fashion icons who have left their impression on the fashion industry~


1) Marilyn Monroe


Regarded as one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, Marilyn Monroe was gifted with a mellifluous voice and amazing acting skills.

Fashion Icons
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Marilyn is an important part of fashion history because her name brings beauty and sensuality along with a hint of innocence. She owned every dress she wore in a unique and elegant style.


Her bold style and sultry way of speaking along with platinum blonde curls and red lipsticks were the actress’s most defining characteristics.

Fashion Icons
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She had a particular liking towards sleeveless gowns, sequins, fur and bodycon dresses. Monroe had caught the paparazzi’s constant attention through her latest fashion looks.


Known for her iconic flying white dress to hot pink gown, Monroe created many timeless and unforgettable looks in the 50s and all of them are still regarded as classics in the fashion world.


2) Princess Diana


Princess Diana’s legacy lives beyond fashion, yet she is nonetheless considered one of the stunning fashion icons of the 20th century. 

Fashion Icons
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She particularly loved clothes and that made fashion her passion. Still remembered as a very kind philanthropist and a loving mother of two sons, Diana was truly a mesmerizing fashion icon. 


Even at times when royalty was known to wear clothes according to strict code of conduct, Princess Diana wore a wide range of colourful, elegant, and daring fashions style which have inspired many even at present. 

fashion icons

She has been known for her iconic wedding gown that captured the essence of the 80s with puffy sleeves and 25 feet long train(the longest in royal wedding history.)

Fashion Icons
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Even her casual fashion moments were as glorious as her elegant gowns. This jaw-dropping beautiful royal is also equally known for her casuals typically in vibrant pastel hues. 


Princess Diana seemed to perfectly know the right dresses for every occasion including polo, public appearances and airport looks, all of which she had donned with equal grace and beauty. 


3) Travis Scott


This H-Town rapper is generally known for his extensive collection of vintage gear and rare streetwear. Although, he cleans up nicely in formals as well.


His typical wardrobe features vintage and flannel t-shirts, denim, baseball caps, oversized jackets, relaxed joggers and bright shade sneakers. 

Fashion Icons
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Travis is himself deeply associated with fashion because even before he collaborated with Nike and Jordan, the 28-year-old used to design his capsule collection for the legendary New York fashion label Helmut Lang.


Travis can be easily termed as one of the best fashion icons at present because he’s authentic. He firmly believes that fashion is an integral part of him and cannot be disintegrated from him.


He has his street style which his followers relate to and love him for the same. Another fact that makes him different from other influencers is that his fashion is quite accessible for the common folks.


4) Coco Chanel


Perhaps it would not be wrong to regard Coco Chanel as the pioneer in bringing gender fluidity in fashion. This French fashion designer is particularly known to make fashion comfortable for women. 


She popularized the sporty, casual chic look as the feminine standard of style and thus replacing the dominant traditional “corseted silhouette.” 

Fashion Icons
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The three pillars of her style were Elegance, Simplicity and comfort and she often stuck to using black and white colours in her outfits. 


Stripes were the common design in the dresses she designed. She had the amazing ability to transform men’s wear into classic comfortable and elegant feminine clothes.

Fashion Icons
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Chanel was the first rebel in the fashion world and changed the perspective of clothing for women. Her timeless designs are still popular to date and are an inspiration for many modern outfits.


5) Timothee Chalamet

Fashion Icons
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Labelled as ‘king of styles,’ Timothee Chalamet has a fierce approach towards fashion. His wardrobe majorly encompasses bright block colours, wearable luggage, embroidery, big prints, oversized knitwear, skinny suits and harnesses along with black boots.


He is known to wear outfits that cannot be easily carried by everyone including the floral suit he had worn in October 2018 through which the actor has challenged traditional ideas of masculinity.


One can also say that Timothee doesn’t take fashion too seriously and wears whatever he thinks suits him perfectly (although everything does suit him right.) You can see him wearing a 90s grunge one day and a perfectly tailored suit the other. 

Fashion Icons
image source: pinterest

Nominated for Oscars at the bare age of 21, Timothee is an enigmatic mix of brooding and boyish along with a mix of daring tailoring and easy-wearing casualwear, all of which makes him a very modern fashion icon.

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