The Squid Game Costume Taking Over The Fashion World




You’re still behind the times if you haven’t watched squid game yet, such as the effect of the recent Korean drama which is crowned as Netflix’s most-watched series to date. The horror survival series with bone-chilling tension, unimaginable concept, and truly dedicated actors has left all of us drooling for it. 

From buying subscriptions of Netflix especially for this dystopian drama to recreating those easy yet difficult games, the squid game effect seems to be real. 

This drama not only makes you want to binge-watch it again, but it also creates a spurred interest in Korean culture. In a nutshell, it attracts the crowd from every angle.




Well, it’s not JUST the concept that should be held responsible for the ‘WE ALL ARE SIMPING FOR IT’ condition, fashion appears to be the major culprit. The South Korean drama has created a trend that has influenced the way fashion is perceived today.

the squid game costume

This drama has injected an undeniable craze for minimal fashion. Sophisticated youth is easily pinned down by just the retro fashion of tracksuits, boiler suits, and white slip-ons.


But it’s not just us, many luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have shown a keen interest in the fashion displayed. Squid game has a solidifying dominance on our streaming devices and closet, equally.



From the controlling pretty- looking doll to unflinchingly pressurized players, we can see everyone roaming in the streets today. Well, yes this Halloween has seen people dressing as squid game characters. 

the squid game costume

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been flooded with the Squid Game costume. Consider boiler suits that are exact replicas of the show’s, complete with the soldiers’ eerie black masks.


The best-selling men’s costume on Amazon right now is a green teal tracksuit similar to the ones worn by the characters in the show. The doll was the most identifiable character in the entire series. This doll’s sinister role made it one of the best Squid Game-inspired Halloween costume ideas, as it was dressed in bright, vibrant colours with the perceived innocence of a child.



The show’s aesthetic influence isn’t limited to HALLOWEEN. The show’s wardrobe choices are expanding beyond the show’s boundaries, and not just as costumes. The white slip-ons, the red boiler suits, and the teal green tracksuits rule our hearts which is why the squid fashion today dominates the sales. 

the squid game costume

According to British retailer Sole Supplier, the exact pair of white slip-ons has increased by a massive 7,800 per cent since the show’s premiere. Interestingly, global searches for white slip-ons have also increased by 97 per cent.

The same can be said for tracksuits. Searches for retro-inspired tracksuits increased by 97 per cent, while searches for red boiler suits increased by 62 per cent, according to global fashion search platform Lyst.

Squid game fashion has truly taken over our wardrobes. Keeping personal fandom aside, the squid fashion is also taking non-k-stans in its influence. 




If you dive deep into the drama you will discover its real-life happening. The coveted drama has pulled the crowd into a real-life game of trends, curiosity, and fashion. We being players are attacked level-by-level, with tik-tok trends being the first one.


Everyone today has a never-ending hunger for fashion resulting in a massive thronging in stores, The SQUID GAME COSTUME with its fashion trends increases it all. Halloween should be considered as that one level that has made the majority of the players go crazy.


Well, if this is what we will have to go through then I guess, we all are ready to play the squid game.

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