The origin of hoodies- A thrilling fashion tale in itself

FASHION TALE-The Origin Of Hoodies


What could be better than ‘HOODIES’ for a snazzy winter look? A sweatshirt with an attached hood is all the rage to wear as it provides next-level comfort with that glad rag look. Well, a hoodie is that one piece of clothing which stays to be the most ‘a la mode’ one in the frosty weather, making it the ‘centre of convergence’. 

From aesthetical, lovable collections to tough, caliginous themes; hoodies today come in every style. Not discriminating against any gender or age, these hooded sweatshirts make everyone go crazy for them.

But, where did these originate from, who ignited the blaze for origin of hoodies that has engulfed the town today? 




Going through the pages of history, we get to know how hoodies originated in medieval Europe and grew, astonishing the world today. Back in the time, monks wore tunics with hoods, while outdoor workers wore capes with hoods, revealing that hoods were significant in history.

 When were hoodies invented ?

origin of hoodies

Champion, a US company, is said to have created the first hooded sweatshirt in the 1930s. As it figured out how to sew thicker materials, the company moved on to sweatshirts. 


Hoods were still not in the scene until the harsh winter of New York created conditions for the company to protect its workers from the frosty weather. Hoods were then invented to keep the workers warm and shortly thereafter, Champion supplied sports kids along with these sweatshirts for training and P.E classes.

origin of hoodies


But was it just the protection of workers which has now taken a very different turn? Well, hoodies got their iconic status after the grey hoodie was featured in the blockbuster sports drama film ROCKY in 1976.


This ‘rags-to-riches’ themed film went on to win three Oscars. Since then, the grey hoodie has appeared in legendary running scenes in other films, including the classic thriller Marathon Man and TV shows like House of Cards.


The 1970s phase was when hip-hop culture developed in New York, which gave hoodies a way to sink into the world and it did pretty well. Ever since Norma Kamali, an American designer, embraced the new clothing, the hooded sweatshirts had been put on the catwalk. Around the same time, universities began emblazoning hooded sweatshirts with their names.




The hoodies we wear today were once associated with criminality as well. As many criminals wore hoodies for defensive purposes. 

Hoodies have triggered social and political sentiments in the past or maybe the use of hoodies evoked the social and political sentiments of the society.




Well, hoodies are now a must-have item in every wardrobe. Normal hooded sweatshirts won’t work for high-steppers or passionate people who have an eye for fashion; which is why hoodies are moulded into different types to fit the demands of the youth today. 

Here, we have the most famous hoodies which will surely upgrade your wardrobe and help you strut your stuff. 



origin of hoodies

These are easy to put on material which gives us a modern snazzy look. Instead of pulling a hoodie over your head, grab a zip-up hoodie and brag about your look. These casual hoodies give you athletic style in almost every colour.

Myntra provides you with a wide variety of zip up hoodies in a range of 1300-1500 or more, depending on the brand. 



origin of hoodies

When it comes to cosy fashion to fight the cold weather, there’s nothing better than a classic pullover hooded sweatshirt. Hoodies with stylish contrast of thick pull strings and fitted size are what we all would dire to wear. It is much cosier and snug. These are available in tons of colours and sizes. 

Many shopping sites like Amazon, Nykaa fashion, Myntra provide pullover hoodies at a range of 500-850.



origin of hoodies

The Baja or Boho style hoodie is geared towards both men and women. Baja hoodies came from Mexico around 50 years ago and they were always made out of very soft and comfortable materials. At present, many Baja hoodies come sleeveless, which inclines to make the wearer look more impressive. 

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