The nail trend is causing quite a stir in the fashion world

The nail trend is causing quite a stir in the fashion world


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Well, nails might be just a tiny part ignored by a huge amount of people but the remaining ones primarily focus on it.

The nail trend is something that has been widely recognized by people now. For all our snazzy divas, here we have a few nail trends which will drive you crazy.

Life is short but should your nails be the same? Sparkle them, go flaunt them, as they are bound to form an uplifting curve on your lips. Even you will agree that nothing enhances your mood like trying a new nail trend that suits your nails. 

This read is here just to excite you in your gloomy days, providing you with the perfect nail trend among the different categories that will turn you into a fashionista. Be it metallic, gold, silver, or black, we have everything that is just tailored for you!


Warning: These nail trend might leave you obsessed with them!


  • Dreams’ dark green
nail trend
image source: pinterest

What more could you desire in life than a sophisticated, striking green that compliments your lovely fingers? You must attempt this as it is the season’s most popular nail trend.


  • Enjoy the matte finish.
nail trend
image source: pinterest

Now you must be wondering what about matte nails? Please accept my request and try this matte nail trend.

When you have matte-finish nails, you can show off your beautiful nails and be called a person of detail.


  • Espresso enamel

We hope you don’t confuse your unique nails with your favorite cup of coffee! This nail trend is all about carrying your favorites with flaunting uniqueness.


  • Mood is nude
nail trend
image source: pinterest

Keeping it minimal and simple is in style. Calling yourself classy with this nail trend will have no one in opposition and going entirely sheer is just a facade right now. 


  • It’s all about the glitz.
nail trend
image source: pinterest

What is there to not like about glitter? This nail trend is calling you, whether you are girly, bossy, or tomboy. These little sparkles are meant to shine on your nails.


  • Floral mood
nail trend
image source: pinterest

Every time you are in your blues, just look at your pretty, impressive nails, that will surely uplift your falling mood.


It’s all about the way you are, typically narrating your personality which is similar to a flower that can win every heart. With beautiful blossoms on your nails, there you are brightening the day with positivity on your nails and a blooming attitude.




Well, are only flowers, rainbows, gardens, etc. meant to be in colors? Don’t you think nails being one of the most colorless body parts stand to be the most deserving part to be embellished? 


Well, if your answer is YES, then we know what you want. 


Get ready, because now is the time to get yourself out of your blues and leave the world stunned by your nail shades. 



Well, painting your nails in elegant colors is your right and keeping your skin tone in mind is a savvy way to use your right to the fullest.

Who knows, your favorite color might not suit your nails the way you desire?

nail trend
image source: pinterest

So look for colors that enhance your hands without being too flashy when choosing your next tint for a nail trend.



For everyone who has a fair skin tone, we understand that it is ‘fair’ enough to suggest you something like a bubble bath.

Tints of blush soft pink are subtle hues that will complement this skin tone the best. This cherishing color on your nails will make your hands look even younger.



Well, if you think we would suggest anything ‘medium’ or just ‘okay’ for your nails, you are mistaken. 

To give all snazzy people of this skin tone their perfect shade, we at Aurora Cosmos suggest bright hues or warm shades.

A shade of coral bright orange can be the right pick, it would look incredibly elegant on your nails.



Well, stabbing all the stereotypes this skin tone has to go through, we believe this is one of the best skin tones to embellish with bold, unshakable rich violet to showcase your inner free and vibrant spirit. Let your nail trend speak what you have deep inside.



Yes, you can now flaunt your polished nails every time you are out with your mates. A peachy pink shade is what will help you in this and we can assure you it will compliment your skin and make your nails outshine among others. 


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