The Best Women’s Leggings For Winter To Stay Chic And Warm In 2022


This article is definitely going to be dedicated to the star of our closets- leggings. These are one of the best cloth inventions made by humans. Other than being super comfortable, these are very versatile. They can be worn for stepping out in the day, working out, with traditional Indian dresses or even as loungewear!

These might never go out of fashion or even if they do, they are surely not going out of comfort especially this winter season. But some people face problems with these during winters, because of the cold winter wind, these might not be your first choice of clothing for a winter day outing.

To solve this problem for our readers, we have brought a fair number of options available in the market for our readers who face the same problem during the season change! Keep reading to get to know a little better about how to stay chic and warm in 2022.

Here are the top 4 women’s leggings for winter, you should definitely give them a try!

women's leggings for winter
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  • FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS– These come with a fleece lining that protects you from the harsh winter cold outside your comfort space, hence making it to the first place in our list of the top 4 leggings for winter. These are created to protect the user during the winter season exclusively. These are comfortable and provide you with the apt amount of warmth needed by an average person in the winter. These can be worn for any activity like going out, working out, lounging and so on. These are the perfect leggings for winters and they come in various forms. For example, there is a high waist, low waist, with or without stirrups and so on. The wide range can be intimidating but we are sure you know your choice.

women's leggings for winter

  • FAUX FUR LINED LEATHER LEGGINGS– When you are bored of your usual wardrobe and want to spice things up for yourself, this one comes in handy making it to second place in our list of the top 4 leggings for winter. This is a perfect legging for those who want to stay in the game of the latest styles and fashion. These might help you turn some heads at the party and provide an “oomph” factor to your outfit. These come with the faux-fur lining to give that cosy warm and winter touch to it, it will solve two major problems of yours- STYLE AND COLD.
women's leggings for winter
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  • THE PLAIN OLD THERMAL LEGGINGS– This is like an age-old recipe for clothes. These are just plain thermal leggings made for you for this season. These are not worn as an outfit but below the outfit to keep you at the right temperature. Manufactured from a very soft and breathable material that acts as a barrier for the cold winds, these allow you to wear anything above them while they act as a shield. Believe in these and you will never be disappointed. Hence, we have put it in third place in our list of the top 4 leggings for winter.

These are the leggings that will never cheat on you and you can stay assured of that. So, these are a staple in the winter wardrobe no matter what happens!

women's leggings for winter
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  • SPANDEX LEGGINGS– Where are all my gym freaks at? These come in handy when you shed some calories during intense activity, usually a workout. This will work like magic for our gym ladies. This is a material that keeps you warm while you are exercising in the winter season. Unlike others, this is specially curated for workout regimes so this is kind of the best for long hours of gym or running or anything that you might prefer. This is the perfect season to get these girls. Don’t waste any more time.
These leggings are our last and final pick for winters, standing in fourth place in our list of the top 4 women’s leggings for winter.

Style in winter should not be an option or a dream for anyone and we here totally believe in it, our team has curated the above list for those who feel stuck in the winter season. If you are someone who feels that they have to compromise on the fashion factor while choosing women’s leggings for winter available around you, then worry no more. We have come to save you from this curse.

This season no more settling for plain dull leggings for these fun winter leggings. Besides being fun, these are also practical in actual usage and that makes them useful to man women out there. If you have stuck till the end of this list, we adore you and we sincerely hope you find your perfect leggings this season!


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