Terracotta Pot And 9 Reasons Why Its Demand Is Increasing Everyday

Terracotta Pot and Increase in its Demand

Terracotta Pot
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Terracotta cites “baked clay” in the Italian language. The word “terracotta” is generally used for sculptures made up of earthenware and even for flower pots, utensils, etc. 

Terracotta Pot

The technique of sculpting and creating terracotta pottery dates back to 2600 to 1700 B.C. that is the time around the “Indus Valley Civilization”.

In the past terracotta was simply baked in the hot sun and later it was naturally hardened. This process also allowed it to be crack-resistant and durable in most of the passing seasons and changes in temperature. 

Most of the time the terracotta clay was mixed along with flux and a large quantity of iron oxide.

People later started to use less and less of these pots because it’s easily breakable in colder climates. 

Also, terracotta pots are organic thus mainly its color is also related to nature which ultimately does not suit everyone’s taste, and as a result terracotta pots can not fit into every type of environment. 

But today eventually things have started to change and terracotta pots have started to become a trend due to different reasons altogether.

The terracotta pot made from clay are becoming highly popular nowadays. Some of the significant reasons for its popularity today are as follows:-
Terracotta Pot
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  • Porous in Nature- Porous refers to the articulation of air. When food is cooked in these pots, due to the air circulation in it the food is cooked in the best way possible and is very aromatic.

 At the same time, the nutritional value of the food remains intact, which is precisely why people prefer these pots.


  • Low Oil requirement- When food is cooked in these pots the oil isn’t easily evaporated. This leads to low oil requirements.

For health-conscious people, it’s one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Terracotta Pot
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  • Heat retention- Clay is a good conductor of heat, so these pots are very helpful in keeping the food warm for a longer time.


  • Good for Baking purpose- Terracotta is an excellent utensil for baking purposes. 


Its natural properties i.e. cooking through warm air to be executed well and of course, maintain the taste of the food for a longer time.

Terracotta Pot
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  • As a Decorative piece- One of the significant reasons behind the popularity of terracotta is its attractiveness.


Most people buy these pots only for decorative purposes as it’s very soothing to look at these reddish-brown color pots.


  • Environment friendly- These pots are very environment friendly. Unlike other types of utensils, terracotta is simply clay that will decompose without leaving any harmful materials behind.
Terracotta Pot
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  • Used for Gardening- These pots aren’t only good for cooking or keeping the food warm or for decorative purposes but also for planting trees. These pots are best for indoor plants, especially small plants.


  • Easily Available- These pots are very easily available and are inexpensive when compared to the normal utensils or pots made up of different metals such as aluminum, copper, silver, etc.


  • Increase in Awareness- One of the significant reasons for the increase in the demand for these terracotta pots is the increase in awareness about them. 

Based on environment-friendliness, low pricing, and through making these pots more attractive this product is to be considered a success in today’s market.


So, we can say that terracotta has gained mass demand because of its properties and promotional strategies created to spread awareness among the public. 

Through awareness, we can bring back our traditions which have been passed on through generations. Every Indian household has grown up with one or another terracotta pot or any other piece of work. Even to date the rural areas still prefer these terracotta pots over any other material.

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