T’Challa From Black Panther’s Royal Style : Lifestyle Inspiration From Marvel

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The Black Panther movie was released in 2018 and secured a place in the audience’s heart because it represents the equilibrium between tradition and innovation. Apart from its depiction of the rich culture, it leaves a strong message about one’s duties for their nation and the importance of absolute rightfulness. Although this movie presents many concepts and fascinating ideas, what attracts the audience most is the lifestyle of T’Challa from Black Panther.

Black Panther is shown based in Wakanda, an isolated African land, which is technologically highly advanced. The land is rich in Vibranium – the strongest element in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is conventionally believed to be present in a negligible amount by the rest of the world. According to the story, the fate of Wakanda turns when the land is hit by an inter terrestrial object, bringing the precious metal along.


What You Need to Know Before Seeing T'challa from Black Panther

The movie is focused on T’challa’s journey from becoming a king to finding out the real purpose and duties along the way. Talking about the main character, he is empowered with knowledge, experiences of his ancestors because of consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb which grants enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and instincts which are considered to be the features of the Black Panther – the protector of the Wakandan tribes.

But what makes T’Challa from Black Panther more loved by the viewers is that his qualities are not limited to those acquired from the herb but his proficiency in science and technology, rigorous physical training, and combat skills. He is depicted to be righteous, as he does not refrain from pointing out and accepting the mistakes made by his ancestors. He likes to appear as a servant to his people more than a king when he chooses a less-ornamented battle costume for himself. He is seen wearing traditional sherwanis when he has to deliver the role of a king, but as a diplomat, he dresses himself up in suits. We can also see his choice to below-

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Key in terms of fashion to be seen as equal to the general public when T’Challa from Black Panther continues wearing sandals even after taking up the throne until he is mocked by his little sister and was offered to wear shoes instead.


As the movie goes forward, we see the rich culture and tradition of Wakanda being preserved and valued along with the extraordinary use of technology in the day-to-day lives of the Wakandan people.


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This movie depicts the lives of the black people both in Africa and America and finishes with a strong message of rightfulness and dedication. People loved Chadwick Boseman for his role of Black Panther in the MCU movies and were willing to see him more in the coming years. Unfortunately, he died of Cancer back in 2020 leaving masterpieces behind.


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