Super comfortable Kaftan Dress: origin, styling tips and best stores

Fashion Tale: The Origin of Kaftan Dress

“Comfort and Kaftans are considered Synonyms”

Summer is the time for Cool drinks, sun and swimsuits. But if you have been paying significant interest to fashion and style trends of the prior few years, you would have readily discovered the upcoming trend of clothing- ‘the Kaftan.’

Worn over the centuries by the Arabs, the Kaftan is becoming more and more democratizing and universal. This traditional tunic is now made and worn in various regions around the world and has even become a trendy fashion accessory! But do you know the origin and history of Kaftan? Let’s see a glimpse of its past.

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Kaftans, full-length garments of ancient Mesopotamian origin, were worn throughout the middle-east. It’s usually made of cotton or silk or a combination of both. Its origin is dated back to the Persian civilization and the Ottoman Empire. Created in 1515 in Telmun (now Dilmun) the traditional tunic has seized the Middle East following the migration of the Ottoman people.

Kaftan Dress
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Initially, the Kaftan was made only for the Sultans and working families. Nonetheless, over time, it has become widespread and today this traditional and contemporary dress is within the reach of all the prevailing social classes. This suit now serves as the traditional tunic to be worn during unions, pious holidays like Eid etc.


In the beginning, the kaftan was only worn by men. It was only in the 19th Century that it was adopted by women and it became almost exclusively feminine though it was not, to begin with. With time the designs and styles of Kaftan have changed. Now it can be worn for different purposes and in different styles to keep up with today’s trends.

Various ways to Style your Kaftan dress:-

  • Since they are comfortable and loose-fitted, they are considered the ideal sleepwear and loungewear.
Kaftan Dress
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  • On the beach, it’s one of the most popular clothes to wear. It’s used as a cover-up on the beach. Made from a light breezy fabric, a kaftan is one of the best options if you want to accessorize your swimsuit or bikini.


  • You can wear a bright colour Kaftan with a beautiful African-western turban.
Kaftan Dress
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  • Due to its loose fit, Kaftan looks a bit oversized. You can use a belt to give a more elegant look along with a small purse or clutch to go with it.


  • Some elegant pieces of jewellery can make you look more sophisticated in your Kaftan, but if the Kaftan already has shining elements embedded in it then better avoid the jewellery and keep it simple and classy.

“From a subtle garment used for covering to an essential emblem of fortune and strength and now a common symbol of Fashion,” the Kaftan has sailed through numerous phases and has unfolded for the better. In the Western world, the Kaftan was first popularized by Christian Dior and Balenciaga.


Some of the famous brands selling the Kaftans are:-

  • Bud and Tulip is a Jaipur based online store that specializes in salwar suits, kaftans and loungewear. Bulb and Tulip offers an extensive range of kaftans solely made out of cotton and silk with delicate hand embroidery and fun prints.


  • The House of Viraasi offers an array of loungewear and comfort clothing like kaftan in various traditional Indian patterns. This brand is also known for being an eco-friendly and slow fashion brand, which is an added benefit.


  • The Boozy Button provides stylish Kaftans made out of cotton and silk that can be worn as loungewear, resort wear and you can sport it for any special occasion. Their Kaftans are essentially available in a variety of colours and lengths with mostly Indian and Mughal motifs imprinted on them.

Honestly, the Kaftan suit is loved by people of all ages and backgrounds because of its comfort, simplicity and style. Since fashion never sleeps, there’s no benefit in wasting your time. So go ahead and choose your perfect stylish Kaftan!

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