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Waist Bags men : Back In Action With A Modern Twist


Revolutionary  Waist bags


The ever-changing loop of fashion has slowly started taking another revolution back to the past, yet again. However, this time it has brought back something which was once considered a phenomenon that was known by terminologies that were unique and vaster than ever. The belted satchel. The belt bag. The bumbag. The belly bag. The moon bag. The fanny pack etc. Were some the widely used synonyms of legendary waist bags.

waits bags men
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Considered a productive innovation that came up in the 1980s, these small synthetic fabric pouches were worn around the body, mostly around the waist in a way that was distinctly similar to a belt with the use of a buckle to make it secure.

Initially inspired from the Native American buffalo pouch, the modern version of  waist bags incorporated tri- glide slides into its straps along with a more trendier belt design, making them adjustable and comfortable around the waist. This version soon became exceptionally popular within the masses at its peak in the 1990s, becoming a lively presence in the US, UK and Australia among other countries.

It’s unanimous association with athleticism became a major reason for this surge, becoming a trendy necessity for athletes and sportspersons alike.

waist bags men
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Till then, conventional bags or personal purses for men as a concept were only beginning to gain prominence and the evolution of the “fanny pack” as a mode of storage for essentials and important equipment’s without making it seem awkward or bulky became the main unique selling point for the product amongst men in general.

waits bags men
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The added advantage of being able to sling waist bags across our shoulders as well as the possibility of being worn as cross body bags ensured that they were trendy and stylish along with being easy to wear in day to day lives.

Nevertheless, the winds of time and change were not generous to waist bags. By the late 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s, their popularity started dwindling with several of their previous benefits eventually rubbing out during this period.

The public perception had soon changed like a frivolous child, often criticising these bags for their lack of space or affinity towards a “ less masculine” image or perception. With waist bags men’s significance almost non existent, even mainstream media and entertainment started trolling their situation, a popular example is the song ‘ White & Nerdy‘ by singer and humourist “Weird Al” Yankovic.

From being pushed into oblivion, the eventual revival of waist bags have been etched in contemporary times as an allegory for how a phoenix rises from its ashes. Like all things that existed in the 1990s, their significance and aesthetic perception became a statement amongst the youth, mostly as a result of subtle nuances of nostalgia as well as owing to their multidimensional attributes which have unsheathed potential in recent years.

waist bags men
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How waist bags men again made a comeback?

The change however was slow, as global fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Armani started decoding it’s potential in the global market. The influence of legendary designers such as Alexander Wang were instrumental in revamping and designing the newer versions of  waist bags to suit the changing needs of the newer generations. These latest versions provided a multiple array of designer choices for the bag, with the use of materials ranging from nylon, leather and cotton along with dual zippers, deeper outline and space as well as trendier ranges of designs.

They were popularly marketed as ‘ hands- free bags’ with a diverse cost range as low as 80$ to as high as 2000$ in 2012, with even more designer labels planning to incorporate them back to the fashion word albeit this time more stylish and modern.

One of the main reasons for their renewed popularity can be attributed to the more minimalistic approach that is envied by today’s generation blending perfectly with the versatility and voguish capabilities of waist bags, making it a must have in today’s time and age. The previously mentioned debate on being “ less masculine” does not look good in the current social scenario, with critics and the public heavily opposing such stereotypes as sexual discrimination, thereby benefitting the overall image of the waist bag.

waist bags men
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Being a trendy substitute for the sweaty and spine twisty shoulder bag, greatly allowing the additional advantage of shifting weightage across the body and it’s sheer relevance and comfort in almost all external affairs of life including on hiking, travelling, at parties etc. and combining this with a unique flair has allowed the waist bag to be perceived as the accessory of the future.

With several celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Kardashian, Jared Leto and Katie Holmes adopting it on several catwalks and in real life, their popularity within fashion realms across the world is expected to exponentially increase in impact. From the classic plush velvet version of Prada to the marmont quilted scarlet version from Gucci to a plethora of affordable styles across the world, the time for you to decide which waist bags men to buy has long been overdue. Nothing is stopping you from trying your luck in being a citizen of the future. Adios.


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