Skinimalism – Best and most soothing Men’s Skincare Trend For 2021

Skinimalism – A Must Try Men’s Skincare Trend For 2021


Gone are the days of those stereotypical chemical-filled facial routines or the exaggerated beauty standards we have grown up to emulate. The resilient waves of the 21st century have come onshore to eventually throw a revolutionary wrench into such typecasts, leaving behind the freedom to define beauty in the hands of each one of us. This has given rise to several innovative trends and treatments within fashion industries and mainstream media in general, often as a means to strive against these stereotypical standards of attractiveness.

Post the pandemic, we started witnessing such changes very frequently with popular examples of the Maxi faux blazers and the re-emergence of Lofty thong sandals etc. being some of the prominent voguish developments that were endorsed by the public worldwide. These voguish statements were only the beginning, as the socio-cultural impact that they managed to bring forward inspired something much grander to come out in the summer of 2021.

Something which came about post the work from home culture, which promptly made each one of us adopt a natural face palette which could possibly bring about a wanted change in the perception of male beauty standards across the world. Yes, guys. We’re talking about  “Skinimalism “, the trend that has been the new symbol of minimalism.


What is Skinimalism?

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The term Skinimalism itself was initially brought forward in Pinterest’s annual trend report of 2021, which defined this phenomenon as a minimalistic beauty routine that almost anyone can adopt for fascinating results, quite similar to the initial feeling we get from the name itself. Completely shedding artificial enhancers and foundations, complex chemical peels or costly face masks and instead embarking on a journey where we are completely transparent and accepting towards our natural skin is the root principle that such a trend preaches.

Instead of following such a high maintenance beauty schedule, Skinimalism aims to replace these expensive products with naturally sustainable, DIY, vegan and eco-friendly products that are easily available within our natural environment. Following such a naturally rich protocol devoid of any external chemicals will help provide a luminous glow to our skin cells and will greatly help men maintain a healthy skincare structure. This is the basic essence that Skinimalism as a concept stands for in its definition.


How To Follow A Skinimalistic Routine?

It is a well-known fact that men and women have completely different skin types, both unique from each other.  While female skin is much more delicate and streamlined, Male skin is mostly thicker and irregular, thereby oily patches and slight scars are very much common features. This is why they require a unique routine, even when following a Skinimalistic approach.

It includes three core steps :

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Cleansing: The beginning of the routine and the most basic one. For this, select natural products that have low side effect ratios preventing infections. Apply these cleansers along the face and your body and leave for 10-15 seconds. Rinse well with lukewarm water afterwards for a refreshing experience.

The water can vary according to our preferences, hot water for a more soothing and oil-free experience and cool water for a more fresh and radiant feel. This process does not have any particular period and can be used whenever you need to feel energetic, be it early morning or late at night. Always prioritize natural and soothing products that are beneficial to your skin style as well as the hair on your face and body.

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Hydrate: After cleansing, thoroughly moisturize your skin cells using a naturally effective lotion or even a naturally soothing remedy such as turmeric and milk paste etc. This helps clean out the oil and blemishes within the skin, removing excess bacteria and other external or internal residues as well as helps in reducing redness or other skin diseases. You don’t need to worry about whether the excess use of moisturizers can damage your skin as natural products have zero side effects 👍🏻.

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Protect: Last but not the least, make sure to protect this natural skin by covering it with an eco-friendly SPF sunscreen and a fluid texture that will limit external oil particles or bacteria to accumulate. This step is the most important if you want to keep on maintaining a rich a healthy skincare routine.

Along with these three main structures, there are several tips and advice regarding Skinimalism which you can directly accommodate into your daily schedule with ease. Some of them are :

  • Reducing the use of media inspired skin products and replacing them with proven and tested natural remedies. Remember, you are not a sheep to always go with what everyone else is suggesting. Instead of falling under the vice of media go for products or systems that you have a genuine interest in or experience. Remember that each skin type is different, which means that not every product may be suitable for everyone, unlike how they project on mainstream media.


  • Avoid following too many routines and systems. Keep it simple and only do what works for your skin type. After all, too many cooks spoil the broth.


  • Don’t expect dramatic results overnight. Skinimalism is a system that requires a lot of time and dedication, so don’t keep unrealistic expectations within short time frames. However, the long term benefits that it provides are extremely multidimensional and helpful in promoting a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. So keep on practising them systematically. I can say for a fact that the long term benefits are to die (read live) for.


  • Never hesitate to ask a dermatologist’s advice if ever necessary. Yes, Google might seem much easier, yet you must realise that many times they present the danger of having fake or exaggerated facts. No need of keeping a false “ know it all “ mentality as the opinion of experts is always valued.


The Trend Which Sprouted The Seeds Of Normalising Imperfections?

Such a trend has been welcomed with open arms by men across the world with renewed vigour, mostly as a result of its simplistic style and maintenance level. Several experts and contemporary celebrity healthcare professionals have backed the benefits of this trend throughout social media and other campaigns. The popularity of such campaigns and other developments have started showcasing the truth regarding the reality of the unrealistic standards that media has created for cosmetic beauty standards and around the myth regarding “perfect skin”.

The co-founder of Indya Skin Care, Tanvi Malik claimed in a recent interview how “ perfect skin “ is nothing more than a myth that mainstream media and cosmetic companies have created by manipulating personal insecurities. Even incorporating a large variety of skincare routines and expensive products can only create a temporary façade of clear skin for a time being, as in the long run, we have to maintain a healthy outlook on life. She adds that real skin can always have the presence of acne, pores or other slight imperfections, which we all must eventually come to terms with to fully accept them.

The impact of Skinimalism as a trend has greatly enabled men to completely fight against such a stigma and in doing so can also incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr Taruna Yadav from Forest Essentials backs this claim and supports the trend as being able to help people, in general, create a radiant skincare system. She also claimed how its impact has been very much influential in promoting natural make-up towards the public.

The rampant support that eco-friendly products have started receiving in recent times, especially post the pandemic can be attributed to the impact that Skinimalism has shown to the globe. Such a significance has now been welcomed by the public who predict this to be arguably among the most influential and relevant changes that the people were waiting for.

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