Sigma males, deceptive or desirable?

Fascinating, Sigma males.

In this modern time and age, where social acceptance and political correctness go hand in hand in a bid to stand out from the rest, Uniqueness and exclusiveness is a virtue that is rarer than ever. The main reason for this excess romanticizing of such a concept may be attributed to the endless tirade of similarities that the current world is plagued with.

sigma males
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The tireless efforts of many in seeking adventures, opportunities or merely luck in the game of life can only be differentiated by the sheer strength and peculiarity that one can possess in his/her personality. Summoning your inner boss to bring about the confident alpha that every young boy aspires to be is the reality of the dream that mainstream media has been feeding our brains for a while.

Alpha vs sigma male:

The concept of an alpha male, a pack leader who stands above the hierarchy with an attitude worth dying for is the stereotypical ray of hope that masses have hyped up as the astute personality one can achieve. While the whole public are still scratching their heads on how to emulate such traits, there are still those who rebel against such a systematic psychological hegemony. Like they say, ‘ for every yin there is a yang’, and in this case it is in their radicalized counterparts in the form of Sigma males.

sigma males
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Breaking away from the stereotypical need of being alpha, sigma males are the ones who are not even trifled by the rules of defining personalities by the society, and can be a boss in doing so. But the question still remains : Are you the hyped up wannabe alpha of the masses? Or the unconventional rebels that refuse to play by the rules?

What is a sigma male?

A sigma is one who believes in his own perspectives and judgements, and seeks minimal validation from the opinions of the extended society. The brash, loud and attention seeking attitude of alphas are outclassed by the calm and collective demeanor of the sigma’s. It almost feels as if sigma males are saints who have control of every situation there is. Though introverted from the core, sigma male should in no way be compared to naïve rigidity as they don’t fit into a stereotypical group or comfort zone.

Instead sigma males mindset of thinking outside the box makes them exceptionally broad sighted as well as being confident and self assured. Sigma males utter disregard for approval from the public and instead focusing only on the opinions of their loved ones sets them a class apart as mentality monsters who are savage enough to do things on their own, something which alpha’s fail in setting an example.

sigma males
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Sigma male traits:
  •  Sigma’s don’t go on and on boasting about themselves or their achievements on every platform that they get their hands on, instead they are much more reserved and macho to flaunt their narcissistic tendencies like a proud stroke of genius. While often misinterpreted as shy or cagey, sigma male instead prefer to speak with their hard work in silence than bask in the glory of loud exaggerations.
  • Sigma males program their own lifestyle according to their will instead of following an ambiguous media driven image.
  • They refuse to play by the rules of others expectations and instead prefer to be their own boss. This can be attributed to sigma males extremely inflated self esteem and belief in themselves, making them aware that they can do anything better than anybody else, thereby making it a strenuous task to make them follow another or even change as sigma male can only change if they themselves want or feel the need to.

While alphas presumably rule the roost at the top with betas as their acolytes, sigma’s well, don’t really follow the trade and refuse to acknowledge this hierarchy. These feudal social structures are literally meaningless to them. You can’t tell them the how’s and what’s as their badass demeanor and radical attitudes might send a chill in anyone’s spine.

Sigma males set their own expectations and do things their way, with aims and choices that are projected as high as their endless confidence level. In this regard sigma males  are a lot similar to the alphas in several subtle nuances, yet the benefit of extraversion defines alpha’s as unique while the lack of requirement of hegemonic validation as well as their inflated self worth defines the distinction of sigma’s.

Sigma males are the real lone wolf!

sigma males

Being lone wolves does have it’s own defining perspectives, with them constantly being viewed under a veil of mystery. Their reluctance in enjoying luxuries and materialistic demands is a subtle parallel or protest of how they claim that it can never substitute for their own self worth. With a high priority for personal space and the confidence to survive on their two feet without any validation, they make powerful role models as well as mighty leaders who inspire others with their passion and humbleness, setting an example of how not following the crowd can aspire greatness if done right.

Though at the end of the day, all the  concepts of sigma males and others as well  might be mere online personality distinctions created only for fuss which you may or may not believe, their significance and utmost essence of living promote a sense of subtle reality that we can all associate with or to more importantly make us inspired to learn.



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