Should guys wear makeup graciously?

Makeup on the rise in men’s fashion but should guys wear makeup?

We all want to be great in everything or at every possible way including wearing good clothes to look attractive, a magnet for opposite genders and feel awesome. But what is fashion? It is simply a form of self appearance and autonomy at places, time and in short in includes footwear, lifestyle, and makeup in our day to day life or as a part of our life and an amazing fact is that we all know about fashion asides from whether you are from a different country or place.

should guys wear makeup
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With the increase of fashion around the world it sure did create an impact on men’s fashion too with skin care and other essential being produced or introduced as the facts regarding this matter also states that fashion in the coming time would create a change in the in makeup for men and other  related  essentials to it.

Questions like should guys wear makeup or is men’s makeup going mainstream will definitely clear all the doubts in the coming future.



Is men’s makeup going mainstream?

It has been accepted in some parts of the world but the main issues arises from the society you belong to  as the fact that  a men wearing makeup is not expected but a women wearing makeup is expected by the world and society but in the coming years it could  be a huge revolution where men can also wear makeup without facing any hate from society and the world.

should guys wear makeup
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A recent report stated that makeup for men is normal and makeup products for men in South Korea is exceptionally higher than in any parts of the world, leading in the fashion and beauty world in Asia;

Should guys wear makeup?

With another report stating that a senior creative researcher from the future laboratory positive the facts that male beauty are slowly being accepted in a wider section with the proof still in hand that most male don’t prefer makeup but when you asked them if they want to cover their scars, acne and blemish skin tones they would say yes; regarding the fact that the things that would be applied to their skin would be cosmetic cream, lotion or basically makeup.

should guys wear makeup
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This facts shows that men with skin problems would definitely wear makeup to cover their skin problems and would be willingly to go to any length if it is possible with a budget that anyone can buy from the markets or beauty shops available near them or else can go online to buy them.

Recently companies like Tribe Cosmetics and Faculty have recently hit the market like a bomb with certified labels like War Paint and MMUK which created a hullabaloo in the global market and launched makeup for men or cosmetics with a huge demand of it and being one of the leading companies that makes cosmetic for male. More male makeup influencers are on the rise and you would see them wearing makeup and posting it on social media including male celebrities too.

Makeup for men traces back to the past

If traced back in ancient Egypt, men would be seen using oil and other fats of animal to apply to their skin to protect themselves from the heat of the desert and shielding their skin from getting sun burn; the higher ups or upper class men there would often lined their eyes and if you have watched movies like the Mummy you would have seen the actors stroke their eyes to play the part of the script and to make it resemble like the past.

During the time of Queen Elizabeth ||, men would also be shown wearing makeup and by makeup’s I mean powdering their faces and during the 17th century in Japan there are traces regarding men wearing makeup as male actors’ in theatre would be seen wearing bright face-paint with bright red and black lines to attract people or gain attention from them or in plays.


 “Makeup on men should be accepted in the world as makeup does not relate tor being a male or female”

Hope this article would have helped you in understanding the aspects about makeup for men and should guys wear makeup.

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