Seriously, vintage décor is completely sustainable?

What is vintage  décor ?

Vintage style as a design does involve an intended use of antiques and placement to create an exact type of environment. But vintage  décor is not just limited to ceramic’s collection. It is far more than that.

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Vintage décor – Sustainable?


Let’s start with sustainable living. How many of you exactly understand what living sustainably is? Well it’s nothing but to cut the impact of your living on the society by making positive changes in our living to counteract negative impact on the environment. A huge part of our living is our living space, which if sustainable can bring about little change from our part. Talking about living space, our décor speaks for itself hence opting for sustainable décor.


How is vintage décor sustainable? Sustainable décor primarily means to reuse, recycle and to source our décor responsibly. In the generation of IKEA décor, vintage décor is a combination of all things sustainable along with elegance and timeless looks. Let me give you 6 reasons how vintage décor are sustainable.



  • Reuse
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When redecorating a space try using the furniture that is already present. No item is completely useless. Creativity can make a message come alive, and is never out of style. By reusing items you are creating a piece for your space all by yourself which makes it special and you can also save up money.



  • Recycle
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If things can’t be reused in any way to your space, recycle it than just throwing it away. These items can be given or sold to your friends or extended family or anyone who might need it or would suit their space. People would definitely buy vintage décor if given at the proper price because sustainability starts when you start to reuse things. Recycling items is always a good idea because someone’s trash could become someone’s treasure.



  • Reduce

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If you are designing a space from scratch try keeping the interiors low-key and minimal because less is more! Choose sustainable décor from a vintage store or any estate seller. Go for statement pieces and not many others. Go with décor that ample up your space as well as has no negative impact on the environment.



  • Replace

Replace some things from your house with sustainable materials.

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  1. a) Replace faux plants with hanging potters.
  2. b) Replace regular tableware with recycled glass tableware.
  3. c) Select ceramics over plastics.
  4. d) Select bamboo cookery utensils.
  5. e) Select something that’s reusable and reusable.
  6. f) From the flooring of your house to the interior decoration go eco-friendly.



  • Passing on the Love

Every vintage décor if passed on through generations along, has a range of recollections connected to that and therefore the love that is being shared between folks. What is lot more special than gifting it to somebody who may want it and would appreciate it.



  • Stories that go with the vintage décor
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Every piece of a vintage  decor features a story to tell. If you buy it from a store or its competent generations, everything features a story.




Everyone likes a gorgeous atmosphere. Creating your home eco-friendly doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, you merely want some creative thinking, use of antiques, and pre-owned things for your interior style. Sustainable interior decoration is the key to a healthy atmosphere. No deed is simply too tiny to note. We can all do our half by passing on furnishings and reusing whatever we are able to.


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