Serene Paint Color for Bedroom

Choosing The Right Paint Color For Bedroom Is Important


Apart from being our own private sanctuary, a bedroom reveals much more about the person than any other room in our house. The ultimate abode of relaxation, intimacy, rest and above all – Comfort. Gone are the days of labelling it as merely a room associated with sleeping, as nowadays bedrooms reflect the unique traits and identities of their owners to a large degree. Each and every element within the four walls tell a different tale about it’s owner,  from the versatility of the furniture to the aesthetic lush designs of the curtains to the overall quality of its beds etc. Each reveal a subtle allegory of its owner.

how to choose paint color for bedroom

However, the most revealing aspect that defines the overall mood and personality of the possessor is the chamber that surrounds all these frames – The Walls. It’s color serves as a distinct reminder of the vibe which the room embodies, this in turn makes the overall prospect of choosing the  best paint color  for bedroom a major decision to its entirety.

While it might seem complicated on a rhetorical sense, It does not mean that we have to be literal experts in understanding color theory or color scheme structure, but rather having a basic idea about our room as well as a bit of creativity can go a long way in deciding.  It is in actuality a task which each one of us can excel in if we whole heartedly invest ourselves.

The first and most easiest step in selecting the most suitable bedroom paint color scheme is to start with the colors that you truly love. Starting with colors that are our favourites enables us to not be bound by the hindsight of traditional color schemes, instead makes us explore a more diverse range of choices. If you are still a fan of the classical color scheme and decorating style then go with it no matter what.


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After all, choosing the paint color that we are most comfortable with should be the first priority. Using our favourite color also brings in a sense of familiarity and hospitality to be associated with the whole room, making it the perfect inspiration that we can use to model the color palette for the rest of the room.

How to choose paint color for bedroom?


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A large consensus of the people prefer color schemes that are serene, peaceful and soothing in their outlook, fitting in with every criteria that a bedroom must embody. On another side, the use of intense, luminous and saturated and thematic colors ensures that we wake up or go to bed feeling more audacious, romantic or alert etc. Such paint colors set the perfect mood for determining how we want  to go to sleep or in waking up, all of which will be unique in respect to our own personal preferences.

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The use of a more soothing and neutral color schemes like the Classic pure white, Gray Shades, Ivory or off-white shades, Taupe etc. maintain a soothing presence throughout the room along with being ever reliable and safe, giving a slightly edgier outlook.

The use of neutral colors create a cleaner atmospheres within the bedrooms as a result of them easily blending in with almost every other color schemes, creating a combination with potentially similar bright colored structures within the room like the bedding, carpeting, curtains and artworks.


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They create the illusion of space by underlining vivid patterns and colors within the room, coupled with light textured furniture’s and accessories providing the room an overall soft toned style. Furniture as mentioned is another major criteria that can influence the overall reception the color scheme can get. Always be sure to select a color that is aptly matching with the furniture set inside the room.


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The introduction of pastel colors like Blue, Lavender, Green and Pink offers a soft, elegant and sophisticated outlook as well as providing an allegorically dimensional structure for the entire room. These colors are also exceptionally innovative in their ability to be mixed with other color schemes and still yield an aesthetic bedroom paint color. Finding their perfect blend can be achieved by mixing other lighter colors of similar shades and schemes and adding the perfect blend of designs and miniscule elements of aesthetics to the overall color structure.

Seeking inspiration from our surroundings, especially from outside is another source of selection that can contribute to our imagination while choosing the best color schemes. Getting inspired by the watery hues of the beach or the green tint of nature can enamour our minds with fresh idea which in turn can flourish on our walls.

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While dealing with completely darker shades of colors this writer advises proper discretion and cautiousness, as more often than not blackish color schemes may completely prove chaotic or futile at night. The writer remembers a close friend who had experimented with something along the lines, though it seemed exotic in daylight, the tone and reception quickly became horrific at nightfall.

Thereby one should always make sure to sample the effect the paint color have at all times of the day and at night, just to make sure that their impact is fully successful at both these times. Overall, the prospect of selecting the best paint color for  bedroom can be a consuming task, yet it should be something which brings us happiness and comfort, as well as being heartfelt to the fullest.

Hope this article would have helped you on how to choose the paint color for bedroom.

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