Secrets Of Kojic Acid , Aurora Cosmos’s Guide to Gleaming Skin

We are now turning our focus to the secrets of Kojic Acid in order to finally have that one all-powerful answer for all of our skin’s requirements. All of us crave one thing and that is ‘flawless skin’ but dark spots often come as a scary nightmare. No matter how much water we drink or how much basic skincare routine we follow, Pimples and dark spots often find their place on our face, and then they have to be covered by make-up every time we head out.
We generally start working on eliminating these freckles from our body but have you ever spared a minute on thinking about how do they transpire and cause uneven skin tone.



Why do these annoying dark spots appear?

There are multiple reasons which cause dark spots. It can be either due to acne or sun exposure or sometimes even excessive hormonal changes. Human skin color varies from dark brown to white and this color is determined by the availability of pigment known as Melanin which is produced by cells called Melanocytes. The root cause for dark spots or hyperpigmentation is the excess production of melanin on certain parts of the skin resulting in small dark patches or spots.


Kojic Acid: Benefits And How To Use It For Skin Lightening

How to get Gleaming skin

After knowing the very basic reason for your dark spots now you can focus on the prevention of dark spots.
Regular skin care is a must for preventing any skin damage. You can learn about various home remedies or medical treatments from different sources for treating hyperpigmentation or dark spots, however, the use of KOJIC ACID is the prevalent one.

KOJIC ACID is a fungal metabolic product produced by different fungi and it is also a byproduct in the fermentation process of different food items mainly malting rice. This naturally derived ingredient is best known to make skin shade brighter and lighter and for reducing dark spots. Kojic Acid is an inhibitor of the growth of bacteria and fungi and works against the production of Tyrosine which is needed to produce melanin.

You can often find it in different creams, soaps, serums, and other cosmetic products for treating several cosmetic conditions. It majorly acts as an exfoliator and helping you in getting even spotless skin. Decoding the secrets of kojic acid is an ongoing quest with new findings quite frequent, it is known to help with skin lightening. hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and scars to name a few.


secrets of Kojic acid: Uses, benefits, safety, and risks
Medical News Today/ Secrets of Kojic Acid

Secrets of Kojic Acid, how to use?


Secrets of Kojic Acid are used as an ingredient in various cosmetic products whether it would be a cream, a soap, face mask or serum. It is recommended by dermatologists around the globe to use one or the other product and not to load your skin with all of them. Some dermatologists also suggest to not start using these products daily because some sensitive skin might not be able to tolerate it in excessive amounts since many companies do not list the concentration of kojic acid in the product which might result in irritation and redness of the skin.


Kojic Acid | Gleaux Aesthetics
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Any Side effects?

The fact that everything comes with a cost applies to the secrets of Kojic Acid too. Being a powerful ingredient it might have some side effects. Following are some of the side effects you might encounter with the usage of kojic acid:

1. Sensitive Skin: use of kojic acid over time can make skin more sensitive and prone to sun sensitivity or sunburn. So using good sunscreen is a must.

2. Allergies – Irritation: People with sensitive skin should not directly start using it daily and to start with you should try on some patches rather than applying them to your face.

3. Long-term use and large amount: Long-term use can make the skin very delicate and sensitive. It is also advisable to use products in the concentration of 1% or less.

If you encounter side effects of intense skin redness or irritation then it is advisable to stop the usage of products immediately and visit your dermatologist.



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