Remember that both longitudes and you may latitudes are wrongly labelled inside Turney’s chart: 140E is useful, but 146E shall be 144E

Remember that both longitudes and you may latitudes are wrongly labelled inside Turney’s chart: 140E is useful, but 146E shall be 144E

Turney’s December 15 Map Toward December sixteen, Turney authored a blog post towards means of searching for an excellent path to the new Mawson Huts. Within this blogpost, Turney exhibited an image which is obviously based on the latest December fifteen MODIS photo (although Turney’s visualize contains some erroneous labels). Furthermore 67S is useful, however, 65S and 63S are going to be 66S and you can 65S correspondingly.

The journey now is always to flow eastern within the large B9B iceberg

Within the Turney’s later on efforts to trait the brand new vessel entrapment to help you an excellent abrupt breakout of multiple-year, the guy made into a separate (plus my personal opinion, never as educational) satellite images, however, this example shows that he previously consulted MODIS images (which is very easily available on the internet.)

Within the Turney’s December fifteen blogpost, Turney, whom, on my knowledge, had no previous coastal experience in the brand new Antarctic, is actually fascinated with the feel of choosing a route through the water ice, observing:

It’s a fascinating sense going through the exact same decision-making techniques because the journey from millennium back. Playing with just findings off their boat the Aurora, the initial AAE searched hundreds of kilometres off sea, most of they by functioning the ways from pack, probing to have gaps and you can in hopes they didn’t shut down behind her or him. It needs incredible courage to take action. One to mistake and also the ship was caught up regarding ice – without one out of the outside business really understanding where it was indeed. It’s hard to visualize it situation today. Everybody has the benefits of today’s technology. Daily satellite accounts give photographs off exactly what lies in the future, brand new Australian Antarctic Department was kindly giving all of us each day climate reports on the area out-of Casey route (thank you Jane!) the area are in public places available, if in case we have into the big troubles we could collect the phone to have assist (albeit a last resort). That isn’t to express we can become complacent. Even now, it is all as well clear this is certainly an enthusiastic unforgiving ecosystem and you may requirements can alter in no time.

Brand new Mawson Hut Travel Into December 17, Turney moored the fresh new ship on the polynya on the northwest regarding brand new Mawson Huts. With the December 19 and you can 20, a few visits were made regarding the motorboat in order to Mawson’s Huts.

What Mawson’s chief Davis hit with so nothing are extraordinary

Towards December 19, Turney and 5 someone else journeyed on the Huts. Turney and you may Ben Fisk (an outlying drug professional) worked tirelessly on the fresh AWS channel; Ian [MacRae ?] and you will Jon [?] of your Mawson’s Huts Basis done fix of huts themselves; while you are Chris Fogwill and Eleanor Rainsley “needed geological trials to rebuild former contour and you will the quantity away from the ice-sheet”. Turney and Fisk one another after demonstrated the travel with considerable exhilaration.

A day later (December 20), an additional crew decided to go to Mawson’s Huts. It team included Alok Jha of the Protector, around three biologists (Kerry-Jayne Wilson of one’s Bluish Penguin Believe, Ziggy [Marzinelli] and Graeme [Clark] and you will traveler Estelle Blair. Wilson examined the brand new penguin rookery. Like the before journey, it expedition returned immediately following midnight. Proceed to the latest Mertz Glacier Polynya Following these two trips, Turney directed this new boat to visit brand new Mertz Glacier polynya in the 80-100 kilometer for the eastern. To achieve this, that they had to search around the B9B iceberg and you may attached frost. A couple of individuals said to your December twenty-two:

This will take all date and you may to the the siti usa incontri europei next day, develop place you at coastline side of the Mertz glacier and you may Stillwell Island area, and offering the opportunity to step on the Antarctic region.

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