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Window safety screen and innovation?

As it rains in Delhi, the ever-increasing humidity makes us open up the windows for better ventilation. And open windows bring our attention to the very important but often ignored issue of safe windows.

Be it for privacy from society, for security from burglars or protection from pesky insects, windows act as an opportunity for all to enter. So it is crucial that we make sure that our windows are protected. Let’s take a look at some innovative options for window safety screen.

Window Safety Screen

Monsoon has led to insects coming out of their hidey holes. It’s time for them to scare the living daylights out of us. Are you deathly afraid of these pests? Even if you’re brave enough to face the vermin, it’s still a sanitary concern. How to secure windows?

In this case, safety screen for windows are the classic and effective solution to keep the little terrors out of your house. You can get these permanently fixed into your windows or install window shutters made of screens, depending on your preferences.

window safety screen
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Insects aren’t the only pest that can enter through your windows to terrorize you. What about stray animals and burglars? Window grilles are one of the most reliable methods to keep those out.

And hey, these don’t have to be the gloomy, jail bar ones, although some people might vibe with that style too. There are some really fancy window grilles available on the market. You can even get them custom-designed to fit your vision!

Reflective Glass and Films

window safety screen
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But for those who live higher up in flats, break-ins might not be a concern, because who would risk climbing up 5+ stories? But privacy would still be a concern, especially in apartment buildings. Reflective, one-way view glass is the solution!

One-sided window safety glass serves the best here. For larger windows, it would of course have to be solid and safe. But, solid, safe glass with this feature might be a bit too expensive. And we cannot compromise the physical safety of solid glass for cheaper options with a one-way view.

But don’t you fret! We have another cheaper alternative. Have you noticed privacy films in vehicles? The film will give the outside of the glass a mirrored effect during daylight hours and prevent people from through the glass, but still maintain the same outside view from inside the house. So you can just upgrade your window glass to one-sided ones this way!

Curtains and Blinds
window safety screen

However, both these options only work during the day, when it’s bright out. At night, you would need to take other privacy measures such as curtains, shades, shutters and blinds.

Curtains are the most common and readily available solution. Blinds and shutters are a cheap, functional and decorative alternative to curtains. These are sometimes even more effective in filtering and blocking out light.

window safety screen
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Does the word shutter seem like something foreign? It’s really not, it’s as, if not more common than curtains in India. Remember the window ‘chick binds’? Shutters are bamboo curtains we usually see on balconies and large windows in Southeast Asian countries.

And guess what? These are the new ‘in’. These are traditionally used outside your windows to save space and change the outward appearance of your home. And don’t worry about the rains, these are waterproof as well!

The new trend is to use smaller shutters inside the home instead of curtains. These are less hassling than curtains and give a modern, sleek look to your rooms. With chick binds becoming increasingly popular, maybe it’s time to come back to our roots with this trendy choice.

A Suggestion:

window safety screen
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You can combine some of these options for the best safety results. Just like your doors, your windows could have two enclosures, both on opposite sides of your walls. One enclosure could use glass and the other would have a screen installed. And in between them, a grille could be fixed. This way, you can open and shut the screen and glass according to your choices.

Enclosures bring us to the issue of window locks. We urge you to ensure that your locks are easily opened from your side but still need special tools to break them from the outside. This is because windows are primary escape routes after doors, and your safety is of utmost priority.

We hope our suggestions are beneficial regarding window safety screen and are within your budget. These products are easy to find at your local home decor stores, so find your best match and make your place safe!


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