Oval Diamond Rings-The Delightful Talk of the Town

Oval Diamond Rings-The Talk of the Town

‘Marriage is the beginning-the beginning of the family and is a lifelong commitment”.

“What does marriage mean to you?” It’s a once in a lifetime question and one we rarely think about. But in a true sense marriage is something very beautiful when it’s mutual.

oval diamond rings

It’s a matter of truly understanding each other, getting along well, taking care of each other and building a family. Marriage is a union and loving everything about the other person, even their shortcomings. It’s to fight together, to love and to grow together.

For couples, the exchange of wedding rings on the day of the wedding is the beginning of a beautiful journey together for eternity. It’s a very significant gift between a man and a woman to unite as one as it signifies their love and life-long commitment towards each other.

A “wedding ring” is a sign of fidelity towards their partner. While traditions and culture of people may vary but as the wedding rings are being exchanged remain the same throughout the world. A wedding ring is generally circular and a circle signifies that there is no ending and no beginning of love between couples.

In today’s modern world everyone wants their wedding to stand out. Whether it’s the food, decoration, destination or the most important thing the “wedding rings.” The couple wants it to be different and memorable. Nowadays it’s the “Oval Cut Rings” that’s the talk of the town.

The Oval cut diamond was made by “Lazare Kaplan”. It’s similar to the round engagement ring, but the oval diamonds in the engagement rings will make the finger of the person wearing it look more slender and longer. 

The oldest known diamond cut is a simple enhancement of the original shape of the diamond. Bit by bit, jewellers modified the rough outline in time. Since the development and popularization of the oval cut ring, it’s very much in demand.

One of the most significant reasons why the “Oval Diamond Rings” are in demand is because of its meaning, the oval-shaped diamond is distinctive and natural. The word oval is derived from the Latin word “Ovum”, which signifies egg.  

oval diamond rings

The shape of the diamond represents rebirth, fertility and even immortality.  The oval diamond in your engagement ring is a beautiful way to begin a new life together with your beloved. 

Every Oval ring is different within itself. Some of them are the oval cut diamond ring with a barely there “Whisper Thin” band. This style of ring makes sure that the diamond stands out and is the centre of attention. 

Sideways Oval Pave Band Engagement Ring” is the talk of the town as the diamonds are in the East-West iteration. 

Another popular style is the “Oval Double Band Engagement Ring” which makes our fingers look classy and elegant. 

oval diamond rings

And one of the most in demand is the “Oval-cut sapphire” which is an alternative to diamonds and is perfect for your beloved. 

Today it’s also the talk of the town due to the celebrities like “Hailey Baldwin Bieber” proposed by “Justine Bieber” with a 6 to 10-carat oval cut diamond ring designed by “Solow and company”, “Kourtney Kadarshian” proposed by “Travis Baker” an Oval shaped diamond ring by jeweller “Lorraine”.

Some of the other well-known celebrities are “Scarlett Johansson” whose Oval shaped diamond price was estimated to be by $400000 in 2019 and finally “Blake Lively” whose 12 carats Oval cut diamond was given by her loving husband “Ryan Reynolds” is estimated to be $2 million.

Oval shaped diamonds have a very long history, undergoing many changes since their early years. They have been considered worthy to be the shapes for crown jewels. Ordinary people or royalty, have the power to charm those who see them.

By Payal Sharma 

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