Important Men’s Intimate hygiene, know about the top 5 myths

Myths Around Men’s Intimate Hygiene



The more and more we talk about hygiene, the more our brows start furrowing out of guilt. Yes, this is a truth which even now we find difficult to digest. Be it the stigma associated with discussing such things or the literal laziness hidden within a chunk of the society, the topic still remains a less talked about one. However, the chaotic insecurity that the pandemic has brought into the world has created a much needed resurgence regarding the importance of personal hygiene within the society.

men's intimate hygiene

Yes, taking regular showers, brushing our teeth’s and trimming our nails are all direct ways of keeping a well groomed and polished appearance and have been branded throughout generations as the stereotypical representation of a hygiene in contemporary media, yet this alone is not enough. Most of the time, we are ignoring the sheer relevance that intimate hygiene requires in our lives.


What is intimate hygiene ?

Like the name itself, intimate hygiene is associated with the process of keeping our private areas clean and sterile. Often confused with regular hygiene, the maintaining of clean and disinfected external points are very much important in confirming that they are free from allergic reactions or bacterial infections. Ensuring it’s hygiene is also extremely beneficial towards sexual health and contributes immensely to overall physical and mental stability in general.

While taking an overall analysis, it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that women in general are much more aware of intimate hygiene and it’s importance as compared to their male counterparts. The continuous efforts in projecting female hygiene as a relevant subject in the society over the last century or so has made it a naturally aware phenomenon within the public. The rampant availability of sanitary pads and cleansers are examples of how such a successful systematic approach towards intimate hygiene can go a long way in providing a positive impact in the society.



Men and Intimate hygiene?

Unfortunately the exact opposite has been the defining feature when it comes to men as Intimate hygiene is still very much limited in its overall popularity with males. The ignorant stereotypes that label it as a “ladies only” issue has been one of the primary reasons behind such a situation being prevalent amongst men in general. While there are several groups who are very much aware of its significance, the more oblivious ones who are not bothered about it’s importance dominate the rest of the list.

Such an attitude is changing over time, yet there are several other vices in the form of false myths that dominate men’s approach towards intimate hygiene, often resulting in negative effects in the long run.

 Some of the false hoaxes and senseless myths about men’s intimate hygiene are :


  • A stubborn belief that our regular body soaps are more than enough.

men's intimate hygiene

Starting off with the most basic one itself regarding the unfortunate belief that the same soaps that we use for our whole body is sufficient for our intimates as well. While this is true to an extent, it does not mean it is completely effective in its entirety. This is because the skin in and around our intimate area is very much intricate and delicate when compared to the rest of our body.

This area also has a highly acidic pH level which is quite different from the rest of our body, thereby the use of a normal soap can result in rashes, dryness or peculiar infections in this area. This is why there are several special products such as the PEE SAFE Natural Intimate Wash available in the market specifically for men. In general, Body soaps may be efficient in cleansing our intimates to a small margin upon daily use, yet they are not the final solution in ensuring intimate hygiene.



  • If you take regular showers then nothing else is needed !

This is the natural attitude that has dominated our opinions on a regular basis. However, the truth is that constant showering is not enough to keep our intimates hygienic. This is because while bathing our intimates are often ignored while the rest of our body is given more emphasis. This results in our intimates remaining unchanged regarding their cleanliness to an extent.

Much like our hair, special attention must be given towards our intimate areas while bathing and should be washed using a separate cleanser that is specific towards the region alone.


  • Soaps and cleansers are genderless, thereby even a woman’s product can be used by a male without any difference.

men's intimate hygiene

Both male and female skins are unique and different from each other based on several factors. From sensitivity to texture to softness and strength, the traits that define each of them are different by a significant margin. Thereby it won’t be a surprise when you realise why both of these skin types require specific soaps and cleansers respective to them. Substituting one with the other would result in skin problems and difficulties for both genders.

The same applies for female cleansers and soaps as well, since they are much more complex and specific as compared to the male one’s. Men’s intimate areas have a pH level that is between 5.3 and 5.8 while for women it is between 3.5 and 4.5, thereby the cleansers will have unique ingredients with specific acidic properties. If you still mess up, the reactions that follow will definitely not be worth it.


  • Condoms as protection are enough, no need to rewash!

Another baseless claim that can result in adverse harm if done frequently. Most men believe that while engaging in sexual activities, the condom alone is more than enough to protect their intimates from any sort of infection or bacteria. While they do prevent STD’s from occurring, they do not guarantee cleanliness or hygiene.

For starters, the lubricants and the chemicals present in these condoms alone can stick to your skin resulting in the rise of rashes, constant itching and other serious diseases on the long run. Thereby, it is highly recommended to wash up after the act without fail.


  • Having a careless attitude regarding intimate hygiene resulting in not checking on oneself and refusing to get checked at a doctor’s.

Having a “ know it all “ attitude definitely makes it much difficult for most men who fail to understand the necessity regarding the need for intimate hygiene in their lives. Psychological studies show that men believe in learning through experience rather than asking for help. While not generalizing, the presence of such an attitude in several men can be the reason why they do not spend too much time pondering on personal hygiene, often resulting in several adverse effects in the long run.

Going to the doctor is another situation which several men try to avoid at all cost. While a lot of factors including laziness or a lack of interest contribute towards such a claim, not having regular check-ups may eventually result in many serious illnesses or signs being ignored from their initial stages itself, causing calamities to occur over time.

Thereby, such a careless attitude should be avoided at all costs and instead proper check-ups and a structured schedule for cleansing our intimates should be adopted by each one of us to ensure a healthy and positive progress in our lives.

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