Lofty Thong Sandals for women: The 2021 trend

Lofty Thong Sandals for women All The Cool Girls Are Wearing



Fashion circles worldwide have started looking back to their roots owing to the pandemic, as the rampant rise of nostalgic memories and voguish developments started flooding with newfound exuberance in fashion circles world-wide. This has brought an influx of refreshing fashion trends in the form of Crocs, Maxi faux leather coats, Victorian sleeves, Light slippers amongst many others during this period of renaissance. These changes were mainly influenced by the calamity driven environment and the cautiously moving societal expectations which slowly made us adopt a more comfortable and rigid choice of fashion, compromising with style to an extent.

thong sandals for women
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But soon enough as time healed the chaos that was surrounding us at a steady pace, our fashion statements along with our social lives started regaining their exclusivity. Comfort soon took a step back as style leapfrogged above everything else as a symbol of priority. This was when multi-faceted statements of voguish representations started captivating our minds once again. I’ll cut the dramatic treatment and shift right to the chase. We’re talking about the re-emergence of elevated flip flops, a conglomeration of comfort and artistic style as well as being one of the hottest commodities that have been endorsed by celebrities and models in recent times.

What are elevated flip flops? Relevance as a fashion trend.

thong sandals for women
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Much before their apparent reiteration, flip flops were mostly limited to more casual use in general. Their light design structure coupled with the versatility associated with their use made them a stereotypical iteration of comfort and style mixed in a perfect equilibrium. While they might fall out in their commercial elements as compared to pointy stilettos or hard back boots or even designer shoes in general, they make up for it from the literal ease and solace that they provide to the wearer.

Popular designs such as the Yeezy fashion slide flip flop for girls collection available in and the DRUNKEN black slide flip flop collection available in Snapdeal are relevant apparitions of the above mentioned qualities. Even in general relevance, they have often been represented in association with casual wear around the house or as a metaphor for a Rasta based adrenaline rushed lifestyle along different cultures across the globe. Either for strictly indoor use or as part of beach party filled with an unmatched vibe, the flip flops were a unique necessity.

Endless varieties available

thong sandals for women
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Apart from their multi-faceted look and relevance, they also provided a versatile range in their designs and structures. From having a wide range of designs suited for different reasons and occasions available in the market such as the ATP Atleir, The Row, Paio etc. amongst several other brands, they also promoted a distinctly natural image towards the public.

With such a distinctive image being prevalent as it’s trademark, you might wonder how they turned it completely around to becoming one of the must have footwear’s over a very short span of time. You are not wrong if you have such a doubt. As the writer himself while wearing his own pair of Campus flip flops is wondering how the change was so subtle yet effective after the pandemic 😉

The answer is as simple as it is complex. The trend started when some of our beloved celebrities and stars started incorporating them as part of their staple accessories in recent times. The unflinching popularity that was gained from these changes in mainstream media were made popular in voguish circles and fashion statements.

Let’s look at some of those celebrities who showcased their flip flops for girls  varieties in recent times :



Kim Kardashian


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The star from Keeping up with the Kardashians and arguably one of the most followed fashion divas in mainstream media has been recently witnessed flaunting an orange Staud styled flip flop alongside a matching embroidered light blazer. Even though it was at a casual lookout, the relative significance that it made for flip flops in general can be marked as the beginning of their re-emergence.



Rosie Huntington Whitney


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The Victoria’s secret model and Transformer’s star recently posted a trendy flip flop clad image on Instagram, showcasing a mixture of style and innovation in a single frame. Wearing The Row- based flip flop design and sporting a vibrant attire of white from top to bottom, one cannot deny the overall sleekness associated with the bombshell.



Camille Charriere


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The renowned model and fashion influencer recently posted a snap which showcased her glossy white and elegantly lofted flip flops in a reflective pose that resonated with the voguish relevance of her innate fashion sense. A prominent reminder of how industry giants are adopting this trend with open arms.



Kendall Kardashian


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Another half of the Kardashian clan, Kendall was recently snapped mid road wearing a porcelain coloured Charles & Keith inspired design around her feet. The literal ease with which she carries it off provides more than enough evidence for the comfort that flip flops claim to be one of their most robust virtues.




Sophie Turner


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thong sandals for women

Yess.. Even Sansa Stark flaunted the lofty flip flops. In a recent sighting, the Game of Thrones star was spotted wearing Mango’s leather based stiletto flip flops coupled with a business jacket, mixing serene grace and style in a visually appealing design. The blend of having a formal and informal combination ensured an exclusive range in her overall appearance, which speaks of the versatility associated with a flip flop design.


While all of these popular examples of mainstream celebrities have heightened the hype revolving Elevated Flip flop’s as an innovative and trendy apparel which can be a proper alternative in public or private environments, their unending significance can only truly be determined by each of us alone on the long run.

More than the celebrities, the time has come for us to know if they are worth the hype or not…. So stop reading and get your foots inside one of these babies!.

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