Living Room Decoration With Plants Is It The Best Idea

Are Living Room Decoration With Plants and Pots a Good Decor idea? 

living room decoration with plants
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Almost everyone in the world likes plants, but in today’s busy life not everyone has time for them. 

There are various reasons why people don’t keep plants in their homes. For example, they might have less space inside their apartments, or their rental place doesn’t allow plants as it can damage the place. Even many apartments don’t have enough sunlight and a proper environment for the optimal growth of plants.

But still, its true living room decoration with plants add glamour to our home. No matter where we place these artificial plants and flowers, it will upgrade one’s home decor. 

As people can’t keep real plants due to the time-consuming process, so now they are changing their preference towards or shifting towards artificial plants.

The reasons why people prefer artificial plants are:-

living room decoration with plants

  • It takes less maintenance– Artificial plants are made up of plastic, which looks good and at the same time takes less maintenance. They don’t need water, fertilizers, or pesticides, etc to grow.


  • It is easily movable– Real plants are the ones restricted to one place but not the artificial ones. We can move them wherever and whenever we want. This provides new looks to your house.


  • No natural resources are needed– Artificial plants are made up of plastic, hence they don’t need water, air, or sunlight to survive. You don’t need to worry about them getting dry, shedding leaves, or an attack of pesticides.


  • Seasonal changes don’t affect its appearances– Synthetic plants and flowers are not affected by seasonal changes, unlike real plants, they don’t shed flowers and leaves or get dry and change their appearance. However, occasional cleaning of the dust on them is required to keep them looking fresh throughout the year.


  • Realistic appearance– Many synthetic plants look so realistic that it’s hard to distinguish them from real plants. Many synthetic plants come with insect holes and with used leaves and look real until closely inspected.


Everyone likes greenery, especially the one that they set up once and is easily managed. Some ideas for living room decoration with plants are:


  • Mix-up– To make it look more realistic we can mix some artificial plants with the real ones. These plants will give your home a good vibe and while choosing the real plants it’s important to select the one which sheds fewer leaves and change it with the season.


  • Use different pots– Different types of pots will always help in upgrading your home decor. Pots and vases play a very important role to enhance the beauty of plants.

living room decoration with plants

Metallic pots are a new trend. It’s not very expensive and easily available. These pots come in different designs and shapes as well. They are also very glamorous and decorative. Metallic pots are preferred over others as they don’t break or chip.


Moreover, these pots look beautiful as they age and change to a distinct color as time passes. The only thing you need to be careful about while using these pots is that water can’t be drained; hence you have to drill holes in them before planting.

living room decoration with plants

Earthen pots are also used for decor as it gives a more classic and natural look to your plants and house. Earthen pots are best for the growth of real plants and they are very cheap.


They are also easy to dispose of. We can also decorate these pots with pictures or paint them to make them look more homely.

living room decoration with plants

  • Add flowers– To make these fake plant decors look more pretty and naturally add a few synthetic flowers. These floral colors and patterns will make it look more interesting.


  • Plant hanging corner– We can try different ways to make these fake plants look more interesting and that is to hang them rather than to keep them on shelves and windows which look boring.


Hanging them will give more to the shelves and windows. It also looks very elegant and glamorous.


But where can I get these artificial flowers and pots?

The answer to this question is the companies that manufacture and sell them to the public. Some of the famous companies in this sector are:-


These companies have 1000 varieties of fake plants to choose from. For example- Ferns, Ivies, Succulents, Aloe, Fiddle leaf figs, Air plants, Snake plants, Monster leaves, etc. All of these are some classic examples of artificial plants.

So, don’t waste your time thinking about how to grow a plant, and go ahead, buy artificial plants to uplift your mood no matter how hard your life gets. So cheer up and book your artificial plant and pot now!


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