Lingerie 101:The super helpful choosing guide

Lingerie 101: All you need to know about blending comfort with style!


Lingeries are a lot more than undergarments. Quite literally, they are a great way to be in love with the shape of you (giggle)! A lingerie is a celebration of a woman’s body. They help with gaining sexy confidence and body positivity. Having said so, the only way of achieving that is comfort!


A lot of women believe that sexy fashion comes at the cost of comfort. That you need to force squeeze yourself into a piece of undergarment. However, sexin

ess cannot exist if there isn’t any comfort! A lingerie should be made to fit your body and not vice versa.


Comfort is a great indicator of how good a garment is for your health. Wearing the wrong kind of lingerie can cause back pain, breast pain, poor posture, premature sagging, skin abrasions, vaginal irritations, and in extreme cases, even breast cancer!


Now, just so you know, this article is not about the cons of lingerie, but about how one can make the best of them by blending comfort with style!


Here are ways to incorporate style and comfort while picking lingerie:


1) Buy the right lingerie:

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When it comes to your frillies, you don’t just buy anything that looks pretty. You must make sure that they are ideal for YOU! And there are many factors to consider before making that purchase.


1. Your body shape:

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Lingerie will only fulfil their purpose when they are ideal for your body type. Find out if you have an hourglass, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, or apple-shaped body. For instance, if your hips and butt are fuller and curvier than your breasts, a bustier or a push-up bra will be the best choice. If your waist is not very well-defined, a corset can help add some accents. The key here is to create a balance. Know which area to accentuate and which area to quench.


  1. Your measurements

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While most women have a rough idea about their size, it is crucial to list your exact measurements before picking your delicates. At the same time, be aware that the body keeps changing, and your lingerie must be changing accordingly. If you were a cup size 34 B three years earlier, you might have become a 34 C now! So remember to keep track.


  1. The quality of the fabric:

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Your body is precious, and your intimate areas are very delicate. So stay away from synthetic fabrics and toxic dyes. Make sure you only buy good-quality cotton, linens, satins, and silks. You want to let your skin down there breathe!


  1. Finer details:

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Carefully check the wiring, fastening, stretchability, elasticity, hooks, etc. before buying the item. These things may seem small but can turn into serious health problems in the future.


  1. What your heart desires:

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Lastly, look for the colours, laces, frills, and embellishments that allure you. The undergarment that you pick must excite you, make you feel confident, and be a part of your style!


2) Common types of lingerie:


  1. Bustier:

    A bustier is upper-body shapewear used to uplift the bust and gently cinch the waist. It has a push-up effect on the bust area.

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  1. Corset:

    A corset is an inner bodice used to cinch the waist and flatten the midriff. It gives a balanced and proportionate look to the body and an illusion of an hourglass shape.

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  1. Teddy:

    Also known as camiknickers, a teddy is a combination of a camisole and a knicker. It is a bodysuit used as an undergarment and has large leg holes.

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  1. Bralette:

    A bralette is a slip-on bra without hook fastenings that resembles a crop top. They are wire-free, soft, and very comfortable.

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  1. Thong:

    A thong is a mid to high-waisted thin panty that provides very little coverage. It is used to accentuate the butt. G-strings are a more extreme version of a thong.

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  1. Garter belt:

    A garter belt is worn above the panty that helps fasten the stockings and shape the lower body.

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  1. Negligee:

    A negligee, often sheer or semi-sheer, is a light and delicate nightgown. A chemise is a short negligee.

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3) When should you wear lingerie, and why?


Though often perceived as something your partner loves, lingerie is something most women love to wear for themselves. While keeping a separate special pair for their partner, lingerie can be worn regularly, while at work, at the movies, or an event. It is an incredible confidence booster!

Lingerie is an indulgence that provides numerous benefits to one’s body shape and appearance. However, it is not about changing your body! It is about bringing the best out of it!

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