K pop fashion trend in domination, all you need to know!

K pop fashion in domination


K pop fashion today needs no introduction. It is turning every place into its own personal runway.


‘Imagine’, well it is redundant to imagine because this is now a reality we live in, a reality which shows us a huge crowd rushing to the stores all ready to dress up as their favourite K pop idols.

K pop fashion
Image source: British GQ

There’s no area, it hasn’t stepped in, be it astounding make-up, upbeat pop songs, killing visuals, hard-synchronized choreographies, or breathtaking fashion. They’ve admirably aced everything they’ve tried.


K pop making its space from Twitter to Instagram, from Korea to now making the entire world swirl in their fashion, demonstrates that Hollywood isn’t everything in fact today it’s almost next to normal.


The best thing about it is the ‘gender-neutral’ fashion sense. You will never see male-biased or female-biased clothing trending, until and unless it’s a costume of course. Well, yes obviously males can’t be wearing those ‘White belle cardigan blouse’ with hip-hop joggers. But, a very general and basic sense of styling isn’t especially meant for a specific gender in the country.


It’s basically the very product that is designed this way. Leisurewear is one of the motives of K pop fashion, and being comfortable with trends isn’t just ‘ a gender’ thing. Is it?


Who doesn’t want that one chic, snazzy look, Kim Namjoon has on screen, or maybe you are dying for that round-neck aesthetic piece of cloth Kim Seokjin wore in his recent concert. Well, if you also simp for k pop fashion, (sh..) we have something for you.


So, if you wanna scrub up well, don’t waste any more time and go adopt this trendy fashion.


K pop fashion at its best :


To celebrate k pop style, we’re taking a trip down the lane and rounding up (some of) the best and most stylish trends. Here are a few trendy jaw-dropping items every snappy dresser should consider to make people super envious of them.


1.Idol pierced cap


Is fashion only about upper wears and lowers? Casual tee and leisure lower wears make a good pair, but is that all?

K pop fashion
Image source: Pinterest

Well, if it’s a yes for you, you are truly missing out on a lot of trends coming directly from your favorite idols’ closets, and Idol pierced caps are one of them.


You must have seen these caps complementing Kim Taehyung’s a la mode look, or maybe Min Yoongi posting a selca with this cap on. Simply Sassy! These caps have made it up to the idols and are all ready to hit the locals.


It is a must-try because only skin is not meant to be pierced.


2.‘Riot’ Turtleneck

Image source: Pinterest

Well, turtlenecks were and still are all the rage. No one can deny the power, a turtleneck holds, it completely transforms the look, and a jaw-dropping addition of kpop style in a turtleneck is just life-takingly Classy!


Don’t tell me, you haven’t seen Park Jimin in this Riot Turtleneck, which has already stolen a million hearts. One piece of this glad rag is enough to upgrade your wardrobe. Pairing this up with tight-fit black jeans will make you look no less than an idol.


Make sure that when you’re out in the town in this snazzy outfit, no one confuses you for an idol.



3.Patchwork plaid shirt


Oh yes!!

K- pop
Image source : Pinterest

Well, who saw Jeon Jungkook at the airport with a smart casual Patchwork plaid shirt complementing with black jeans and a bell cap? If you did, then I am sure, you can’t resist yourself to get one.


This masterpiece is one of the most comfortable and impeccable outfits everyone should try. This can go with anything, from tight-fit black jeans to a black lace-up skirt. Style it the way you want, and you will surely see people drooling over you.


A perfect outfit to tease the already jealous ones.



4.Hoodie but not ‘just’ hoodie


What would be better than an oversized ‘Lucky me I can see the ghosts’ hoodies. Funk-style hoodies paired with boxers are just irresistible.

K pop fashion
Image source: Pinterest

How can we forget our style icon Jung Hoseok, making us fall in love with these hoodies?

Well, these aren’t jokes anymore, a fashionable and elegant look is what we get after we put on this hoodie.


A coveted outfit you can brag about.





Let the thought that just came in your mind slide smoothly before anyone gets to know it. How can you even think of only girls wearing earrings? Duh!

K pop fashion
Image source: Pinterest

Maybe you haven’t seen Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok or G-Dragon, oh wait the list is endless. In a nutshell, don’t ever think what you thought a sec ago.


Well, kpop fashion offers you different kinds of earrings for example chain, loop, geometric, triple threat, titanium, guitar pick, link, parallel, just a min, the list is endless again.


Searching for a unique, unimaginable look just gives a touch of K pop styled earrings.



Where can I get what I dreamt for?


Well, who wouldn’t want to dress up in an idol k pop fashion way, we never want our dream wardrobe to be just a dream, do we?


Wishing, wanting, and desiring to buy k pop fashion outfits is what we have passed, but we are still stuck on our way to our dream outfits. Don’t worry chingu, we have for you the best affordable online stores that help you get your k-outfit in a snap of your fingers:


  • Fashion Chingu
  • Kawaii Nation



Fashion Chingu


As the name suggests ‘chingu’ which means a ‘friend’ in Korean, this online store makes sure you get what you want in a most friendly manner. Whether it’s pocket-’friendly’ outfit or style-’friendly’.


This store helps you get your idol fashion and upgrade your closet. It provides us with desired k pop or k-drama outfits, exclusively.


After your order, fashion chingu reaches out to you within 12-24 hours and offers free shipping over 60 dollars. Additionally, size isn’t a problem here, as this store offers individual size charts.



Kawaii Nation


Another store that fulfils your dreams and stands by its name. As titled ‘Kawaii’ (cute in Japanese), this online store promises to get you your cutest picks.


Be a citizen of this Kawaii Nation, which offers you free worldwide shipping. Fulfilling your dream isn’t unthinkable now when you have a kawaii nation as your chingu.


It provides you with a versatile collection of different groups at the most affordable prices, be it BTS, Blackpink, GOT7, Twice, Itzy, TXT, Enhypen, well these k-lists will never end just like your dreams.

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