Hula Hoop Benefits : Trade The Traditional, Let’s Reinvent Fitness!

Do you find workouts repetitive and boring? Is exercising an undesirable chore? Does the idea of ‘runner’s high’ or exercise euphoria seem like a pipe dream? Well, no need to get worked up over workouts, because we’ve got the perfect solution to your troubles! Hula hoop benefits are limitless and it is a creative way to stay fit.


Non-traditional methods of exercising are an excellent way to let go of the boredom that comes with working out. And these non-mainstream methods don’t necessarily need to be super exotic or expert-guided. You just need inspiration from ordinary life and you can find extraordinarily fun ways to exercise.


So let’s dive into our childhood and have a bit of a #nostalgia moment. Remember when you ran around all day? That rush of adrenaline when you played tag? That flutter of your heart just before a hopscotch jump? How all those scrapes and injuries were worth the joy of playtime?  It’s time for a revival of that exhilaration, and we have a collection of fun workouts just for you!





Hula Hoop Benefits


Let’s be real, no ring has fascinated us as much as this one did in our childhood. It’s time to bring back all those tricks and competitions, how long can you rotate it? Where can you rotate it? This one is a must-have in a fun exercise routine.


And there are special hula hoops made just for this purpose! Generally, these workout hula hoops are weighted and larger than our regular ones. This adds a challenging element to take it further than a child’s play and makes it more suitable for the job.


Hula hoops are best suited for warm-ups. So get those muscles moving and have fun while doing it! Besides waist and torso, hula hoops can also be used for arm and leg workouts. So they can provide an alternative to your regular warm-up exercises. You can just Hula Hoop into your routine exercise loop.


Hula hoop workouts come under the aerobic, low impact categories. The low-risk factor is a terrific benefit. It must take exceptional creativity to injure yourself with an oversized waist ring. But this doesn’t mean you should be completely careless! Because the metallic and weighted hoops are especially not the ones to take stupid risks with.



Wardely Primary School


A dreary version of our childhood game hopscotch is already part of many drills. So why not shred some weight and boredom at the same time? It’s #throwback to childhood time. Let’s inject our workout routines with some happiness!


You can get creative with this too! There are so many hopscotch courses, from classic (which is honestly the best) to U shaped. Choose one that suits you, make it a competition, add a few twists to challenge yourself! The only goal is to complete the course with utmost enjoyment. Squatting Hopscotch is another inventive way to exercise.


Hopscotch is especially great for improving your balance and flexibility. It also provides good training for your legs. It’s strenuous and demanding, so a perfect or ‘topnotch’ fit for your training. Hopscotch injuries, unsurprisingly, are usually related to ankles and legs. Caution and care are always required, even with a juvenile game.


Where to Buy Roller Skates, and How to Get Into the Hobby

Do you find runs and walks tiring? Are music or audiobooks not engaging enough to keep you from getting bored? Well, it’s time to experiment with something more thrilling! Get the exercise ball rolling and lace up your skates, it’s time to skate into shape.


Quad skating, just like the hula hoop, is a low impact, aerobic exercise method. It requires full-body activity, especially from core muscles, legs and glutes. It also positively impacts your balance. Unlike running, skating doesn’t put a strain on your joints.


There are various fun methods to quad skate, from dancing to race! You can even take the risk and try to perform exercises while skating. Skating yoga sounds like the same level of risky and fun right? If you’re an adrenaline junky, roller skating is just the exercise for you!


But with the thrill comes the greater risk of injury, so take extra preventive care while trying out this method. Do not shirk the essential protective gear! It’s as (if not more) important as the roller skates themselves. You do not want to work out for a day and then spend a week in bed, nursing your injuries.



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Get together with some friends and get creative! The more the merrier right? Revive your favourite childhood games and make them challenging. It’s time for some group exercise! How about some freeze tag with Yoga? Whoever is tagged has to remain in a Yoga pose till someone taps and ‘Unfreezes’ them.


And this is not it, some games are super fun and active on their own! Remember Dodgeball? Or maybe Arm and Leg Tag? The sky’s the limit when you wanna be active and have fun at the same time. Maybe enjoy a group of Hula Hoop benefits!


Add these elements to your daily routine and see the change. What do you know, that exercise euphoria may no longer remain a pipe dream. So take some inspiration from your childhood self and get on with it!


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