How to dress for maternity attractively

Confused on how to dress for maternity?

Guide to flaunt your baby bump!


Pregnancy is all about hyping up your baby bump. Styling your baby bump the right way to flaunt it can be tricky at times. One must know how to dress for maternity as it is a very important phase of everyone’s life. Here’s a list of Pregnancy Must-haves in your wardrobe that can be styled in many ways! The best part about these outfits is that they can be used postpartum too!

how to dress for maternity
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  • Body cons
  • Pleated skirts
  • Jackets
  • Sleeveless cardigans
  • Off-shoulder dresses
  • Free-flowing maxis
  • Kaftans
  • Cotton suits


Each of these pieces can be styled in many different ways to either show off your bump or even hide it wisely! Go ahead and shop the above maternity dresses if you’re a would-be mother!


Now let’s talk about 5 important things to keep in mind while dressing up your baby bump.


  • Never go overboard with maternity stuff.


All you need to invest in, some simple, comfy, easy-breezy clothes that have enough space for you to breathe.


  • Invest in pieces you can use postpartum too.


Shop for regular dresses in a larger size, works all the time! The trick part here is to avoid pieces with a defined waist and to seek stretchy knits and flowy fabrics.


  • Know when and how to embrace your bump.


If your someone who wants a stylish pregnancy, go for body fitted clothes that are comfortable. Loose clothes make you look larger than you actually are.


  • Always have a go-to outfit when you are indecisive.


What ever suits you the best, go for it. There is no issue repeating dressing or dressing the same through the pregnancy. Go for something simple and add a pop of colour or a statement jewelry if opting to go out.


  • Segregate and keep the wardrobe crisp and small.


Keep all your normal clothes in the store till the baby arrives. This will make your choice of clothes simple every morning. You don’t have to search through the wardrobe to check what fits and what doesn’t during pregnancy.


This was all about tips and tricks for your bump.



If you’re someone who wants to have a very stylish pregnancy, here are 6 things you must know.


  • Add some colour
  • Accessorize
  • Show some skin
  • Opt for skinny outfits
  • Choose snug over bulky
  • Choose decorative over solids


Let’s see some tips for different types of maternity dresses-

Styling the first trimester

First trimester doesn’t involve a lot of visible bump but you’d start to bloat and expand. So prefer jeggings over jeans and by the end of the trimester invest in maternity jeans!

how to dress for maternity
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Use loose fitting clothes and prints. These will make you avoid feeling like you look bloated. Loose fitting tops, layering up, flowy dresses are saviors.


Styling the second trimester –

This is the best for maternity fashion, this period is all about highlighting your bump.

Pick some maternity tops, they highlight your bump while still giving your waist a silhouette.

Ruching is always great for the growing bump. It offers space for the bump along with highlighting it. Such can be used till your third trimester as well!

how to dress for maternity
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Use knotted top over a dress, knot above the bump. This creates an illusion of an empire waist which in turn highlights the bump.

Go for empire waists, these are very flattering on the bump and highlights the growing bump. If you don’t have an empire waist top or dress, add a belt under your busy to cinch things in!


Styling the third trimester –

This is the most tricky to style. As the baby grows, all we need to focus on is to be comfortable.

how to dress for maternity
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Maternity jeggings are a must, the material and stretchable nature saves your third trimester.

Pick up flowy maxi dresses, as the due date nears these are the most comfortable. By this time most maternity clothes are Not what you’d prefer.

Maternity leggings are again a must have, these are the most comfortable and breathable. Because comfort over anything in this trimester.


Maternity shoot


It’s the best thing to capture the pregnancy by taking pictures of the bump. Here are some FAQS answered about maternity shoot!


  • Which stage is best for maternity  shoot?

It’s always the best to shoot when the mother is most comfortable. Since the last couple of months can be a little uncomfortable for the mother, depending upon which you can have a maternity shoot around the end of sixth month till the end of the seventh month. Keep in mind how visible is the bump.


  • When to do maternity shoot?

how to dress for maternity shoot

If you plan to shoot outdoors, the sunrise and/or sunset is the best time to shoot (keeping in mind the health of the mother, most have morning or evening sickness). If you plan to shoot indoors or in a studio all choice upto you.


  • Where to shoot?

If possible always try having the pregnancy shoot close t

o nature (again depending on the mother’s will). Beaches, hills, garden, park etc are ideal places to shoot.


  • Whom to include in the maternity shoot?

Always include the partner for some shots, if the couple already has a child or pet include them.


  • What poses to go for?
how to dress for maternity
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Common ones – mother holding the bump looking at it, couple holding the bump together making a heart.

Uncommon ones – emotional intimate moments of the couple, wide-angle shots, close up of the bare belly.


  • What value addition to make?
how to dress for maternity
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Props like tiny shoes, a slate with the due date, a picture of the ultrasound etc can be used.


  • What to wear for maternity shoot?

As such there is no best dress for maternity photoshoot but one should pick maternity dresses that can accentuate the bump and make it look at its best. Pick up maxi dresses, some empire waist dresses, choose quirky prints and go all out with your imagination!

There are many different types of maternity dresses available in the market but I guess the readers wont’s get confused about how to dress for maternity as I have tried to provide all the necessary information regarding this.


This was your 101 guide about how to dress for maternity. Hope it was helpful.


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