Here We Have Wardrobe For Bedroom , The 4 Most Ideal Choices

Ideal Wardrobe for bedroom 

The wardrobe for  bedroom is generally a large cupboard with hanging space, drawers, and shelves all purpose-designed to house our clothes.

They were not only used to keep clothes properly but also for keeping precious items. During the reign of “King Henry III,” the treasurer of the household was also supposed to look after the wardrobe

The first wardrobe for bedroom was more or less similar to a chest, but it later became a wooden closet with a hanging room that was filled with cabinets and lockets.

The most frequently used furniture in a person’s bedroom is the wardrobe. When you plan to have a wardrobe for the bedroom, the most important thing to keep in your mind is the space it needs.

The construction of a wardrobe revolves around the hanging closets, drawers, and shelves used to keep clothes, accessories, pieces of jewelry, and so on.

Before ordering a wardrobe it’s very important to make note of the number of drawers, shelves, and the space you require for hanging clothes. 

You should also keep in mind that the wardrobe should be as per your specifications. 

Some of the ideal wardrobe for bedroom are:-

  • Hinged Door – This is the most conventional wardrobe design that most households go for.
Wardrobe for bedroom 
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This wardrobe has its front doors fixed with simple hinges, thus it gets its name hinged door.

The basic depth of this design is 24 inches. If you have less space in your room you can opt for a depth of 22 inches.

According to your taste, you can also install hangers, racks, drawers, etc inside to make space for different clothes, accessories, or other important materials.

But one of the disadvantages of this style is that they take up space while opening the doors and if the room is very small it won’t work out.


  • Sliding Door – This style of wardrobe is preferred by people who are into contemporary design. 
Wardrobe for bedroom 
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It has a sliding door that slides from side to side and it doesn’t depend upon hinges.

The basic depths in this type of wardrobe are about 26 inches, which includes a running track for the door that is 2 inches. The minimum length of the sliding door should be at least 7 feet so that it can contain 2 panels of 3.5 feet each.

This style works well for confined spaces as due to its sliding nature less space is taken. 

The only disadvantage of this wardrobe for bedroom is that we can open one door at a time and as a result, we can’t see all of our clothes at the same time.


  • Customized Wardrobe – Not everyone likes the mainstream wardrobe. They want a wardrobe of their style and guess what is possible.
Wardrobe for bedroom 
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You can turn the space in your room into a customized wardrobe. You can add your workspace or space for your accessories along with the wardrobe. 

You may also add some racks and shelves on the outside to keep the TV etc. 


  • Mirror Wardrobe – If you want your bedroom to look posher you can go for mirror wardrobes.
Wardrobe for bedroom 
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Mirror wardrobes are great considering they improve the overall appeal of the bedroom. It also helps to brighten up your room, making them great for small closed space rooms.

Additionally, a mirror wardrobe saves you space by eliminating the need for other mirrors in your bedroom or hall.

Along with the type of wardrobe, one should also be careful about the terms of their choice of clothes.

For example, it is necessary to have these basic clothes in your wardrobe like a black blazer, denim jacket, dresses, skinny jeans, workout clothes, sunglasses, earrings, pieces of jewelry, etc.

One can also go for having many outfits for every occasion or one to three outfits for different occasions. 

You should have a wardrobe for bedroom that will make your life easier and your bedroom look more elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose your wardrobe!

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