Hair fall out: 101, The ultimate guide

Hair fall out 101: Everything you need to know about to comprehend hair fall and how to avoid it

Is your hair fall frequent? Why do hair fall out? Are there ways to make it better or does it gets worse? Well, besides the most searched questions here are all that you need to know about it and what experts say about this matter.

hair fall out

When we say hair fall out, it’s a pretty common factor that about 99% per cent of the people in the world are losing up to 100 strands in a day. During the pandemic, one thing we all must have is hair fall. Hair fall is a natural part of the process for hair growth whereas hair loss is a negative sign indicating extreme treatments to regroup back hair. In hair fall, we lose hair strands, and hair loss is its extreme stage where shedding hair is not an answer but also losing its density for our hair to grow again.

What would you do if you start noticing extreme hair fall out?

The most important of this aspect is to find the root of the cause for it. There have been reports stating facts that it is mostly due to telogen effluvium and is considered as a condition in which hair falls due to all kinds of contacts from physical to even emotional stressors to pull your hair out.

“Mostly it occurs after 2 to 3 months after inciting factors indicating the basic roots to your hair loss and hair fall,” stated experts related to hair issues and researches. It is also important to have a proper or healthy diet all the time and a must if you are under the telogen effluvium phase to help activate the growth of new hair cells. It is also advisable to add up nutrition to your diet with more greens. Nuts and other essentials to get out of the phase. So be sure to get some more nutrition added to your diet and focus on your hair to get healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

Why do hair fall out or What are the reasons of hair fall?

The key point is to understand that it is not always due to telogen effluvium. Sudden mark set on massive hair loss sometimes occurs due to alopecia areata which is an autoimmune disorder of the hair and acute hair fall always occurs due to underlying biological or hormone-related reasons that cause it to happen. When you start observing these conditions the first thing is to rule out issues related to iron deficiency Anaemia lack of Vitamin D and Autoimmune conditions along with Thyroid Disorder.

Be sure to check whether you are getting these basics-related issues if you are experiencing sudden hair fall as these conditions are some major reasons of hair fall occuring massively in some people due to lack of proper nutrition and health-related issues.

Can you stop hair loss?

The best way is to dig deep into the roots to find the cause and fix it. Focusing on a healthy diet plays an important role in filling up the growth spurt of your hair with more efficiency if there are any issues related to Anaemia, Thyroid, or Zinc deficiency it needs to be consulted by a professional and that is a physician.

If the hair fall is still ongoing for six months with no signs of slowing down then get medical help at the earliest as possible. Getting medical help will surely bring back your bald patches of hair loss as there are clinical treatments to reverse the process and get back your hair.

There are also other various treatments to control severe hair fall damage and regroup back your hair with efficient treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy(PRP therapy) growth factor concentration therapy (GFC therapy) etc.

hair fall out
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How to avoid hair fall out at the earliest:

Preventing hair loss comes with a hair kit you might have to grab along in your shower by switching to gentler sulphate-free shampoo and a nourishing conditioner with brushing your hair gently rather than rough drying with towels.

hair fall out
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Exposing your hair to heat via styling is also not a very good option for your hair as in due times it damages your hair and gentle scalp massage once a week is a great booster for your hair growth as it stimulates blood circulations. Meditation along with dance art and music are some great tools you can tap onto to build inner resilience and stronger roots for your hair.

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