Guide on how to add a ruffle to a dress

How to add a ruffle to a dress?

The Significance of Ruffles As A Catalyst,  India’s Answer To Their Fashion Dilemma!


The gift of noticing hidden abstracts of aesthetical appeal is a mixed blessing in disguise. Sometimes we are aware of such an attribute when it is beaming right in front of us. A dazzling red blouse with a golden tint along the sides, clad western laces in a cherubic design or a striped salwar mixed with a modern denim pattern or even the recent sensation of a pant–saree combination that has since become a revolutionary style statement across the country.

All of these voguish apparels hide aesthetical innovations within them and can easily captivate the viewer’s mind as a result of their overall appeal, yet may require a deeper insight to completely dissect the distinctive depth in their essence.

However, as always every yin has a yang. As there exist several patterns of appeal that may not be directly visible to our eyes upon first sight itself and may take a while to fully understand its overall significance.

What does ruffle means?

A prime example is the aesthetic distinction of Ruffles and its design. Also known as a furbelow or a frill in popular circles, they are lightly designed laces or ribbons that are compressed and pleated tightly on one edge of attire and are later on fixed to another layer of bedding, fabric, garment as a form of wavy pattern that helps in magnifying the overall enhancement of the apparel.


What makes ruffle dress Special?

The width of that fabric along with the curve that is witnessed in the outer edges creates the necessary wavy effect, which is aided by a circular wedge also known as a godet to be placed into these waves to create the outer impression of a floating motion in its pattern. Such a symmetrically puffed up appearance is done without any additional clothing at these edges or the body of the cloth and is most visible around the hemline, collar or in the sleeves of the garment.

how to add a ruffle to a dress

The use of a ruffle has been popular right from the 15th century itself, where they attributed the string laced necklines of daily chemises, skirts and gowns. They were also popularly used in religious attires notably as borderline designs for nun veils being a signature aspect during these times. Centuries later, especially during the Victorian era their use would almost peak as they evolved into being fashion statements for lavishly extravagant attires and balls, becoming the literal trademark of a rich and upper-class lifestyle for women.

The overall image of a flounced and puffy attire across the shoulders, sleeves and gait, with streamlined edges and a rounded skirt with lace flounces and a glossy finish, was the staple figure of a rich and powerful lady that was etched as the ideal traditionalist during this era, with anything less deemed as merely “second class”.

While such a distinction has eventually became criticized as a sly stereotype that indirectly promotes western hegemony, their contribution towards the fashion industry as a whole cannot be denied in any circumstance. Cultural- Social – Hegemony or not, the overall ability of ruffles in amplifying the design element of whole outfits, in general, prove to be their strongest virtue.


Styling Ruffle Into Modern Outfits

One of the most striking dynamics that ruffles brought to the table were its ability to attribute and blend in with almost every style statement, be it traditional or modern or even a fusion of both. Being a common feature in flouncy gowns and multi-purpose skirts they exhibit the benefit of adding an extra flavour to the overall attractiveness of the attire.

how to add a ruffle to a dress
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Incorporating a ruffle design into the edges of our attires can go a long way in maintaining an aesthetical appeal, but more often than not people are confused regarding how to use them to achieve maximum potential.

The basic ideal that can be adopted by almost everyone is to make sure that their positioning and structure should be in a way that they stand out from the rest of the pattern present in the outfit, this means that the inclusion of ruffles should be stitched as an enhancer to the pattern and style of the garment. The recent AJIO summer collection of flouncy white gowns with puffy ruffles across the hemline is a distinct example of how this is a successful model.

Another idea on how to add a ruffle to a dress is the use of streamlined and linear designs coupled with trendy embroidered ruffles on modern outfits. Alignment plays a major role in modern outfits, the use of streamlined ruffles in vertical, horizontal or even slanting tangibly adds dimension to the overall look of the attire. These lines can be situated on the neck, baseline, shoulders etc. Thereby creating a symmetrical dimension to the overall look that is a popular feature in semi-traditional skirts and gowns.

how to add a ruffle to a dress
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Combining colour choices with ruffles that attribute with the overall scheme of the apparel can enhance the visual effectiveness and appeal of the overall outfit. Mixing western ruffles with asymmetrical edges as well as florally wavy designs of ruffles can also evolve the appeal of literally every modern outfit, making it a perfect fit that helps us stand out from the rest. Such patterns may smoothen the material making it less constrained, thereby adding the extra benefit of comfort to the ruffle dress.

Not to forget the unending number of accessories one can combine with ruffles, from beads, small mirrors etc., all of which can attribute the modern outfit much more. Myntra’s latest 2021 collection of floral prints with asymmetrical laces is a visible example of these attributes.

Styling  ruffle  and adding it into our outfit is easy, anybody can adopt the flouncy look to their arsenal but to perfect it requires some degree of effort.


Varieties in styling ruffle and their presence in the fashion world

Being a traditional accessory that was vital in enhancing the quality of attires across the world the sheer versatility that was associated with ruffles made it a literal catalyst for achieving visual marketability over time. The fruit of such a phenomenon is heavily visible in the fashion trends of the current world itself. The current market exhibits several varieties of ruffled designs into traditional and modern attires which have enthralled public interest.

how to add a ruffle to a dress
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Floral block prints with cotton stitches ruffled across its ends and silk sarees with designer ruffles at the end were some of the mainstream headliners of the last year. The exuberant freshness associated with these designs was one of the main reasons why it was successful. W –  introduced ruffle lined variant Kurtis, sarees and semi-traditional attires which incorporated these designs to enhance their overall appeal.

how to add a ruffle to a dress
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Other variants such as the ruffle clad silk shawls and dupattas with embroidered designs and accessories were also popular apparel that attributes any semi traditional outfits.

The use of ruffles was not limited to traditional styles alone as modern outfits utilised their potential much more in comparison. Hem lined ruffled trousers, asymmetrically structured flouncy skirts, ruffle-sleeved formals etc. Available throughout popular online portals such as Zetima and Nykaa are some of the new entries in this long list that just keeps on expanding. In hindsight, ruffled designs are popularly rising in their significance throughout the industry, with newer designs coming out day by day. In a sense, they act as a catalyst that upgrades outfits and gives them a completely new dimension.


Potential of ruffle dress yet to be explored in India?

With such vast potential lying beneath its fray as a catalyst, the ruffle design can thrive to its zenith in the Indian subcontinent, A land rich with a diversely popular traditional catalogue of fashion. Boasting a wide variety in its fashion destinations, The textile industry of India greatly requires a modern update. The influence of globalisation has popularized western attires across the country, and have provided women with multiple arrays of attires and styles to choose from. This has created a subtle dilemma regarding traditional and modern designs and their popularity has created a polarity within the society.

how to add a ruffle to a dress
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This is where the underlying dynamic that ruffles provide can come into play with a major part in solving this dilemma. Instead of coaxing the people to choose one side, the addition of ruffles will allow the fusion of both traditional and modern attires to create an equivalent hybrid that thrives on the benefits of both. The use of groovy frills and ruffles along the streamlined sides of traditional attires such a sarees, lehengas and Kurtis can enable them to stand out from their ancient outlooks with a modern touch.

Laced around the neckline or across the body in a symmetrical embroidery of ruffled garments allows these traditional attires to add a completely different dimension to their overall outlook. Such a fusion filled with style and comfort in a flexible equilibrium can enable newer trends and fashions statements from the public and can bridge the gap between Indian and western fashion industries.

Similarly, modern attires such as floral casuals and chic pantsuits amongst many can also incorporate traditionally inclined ruffles to their arsenal’s to pull off a completely sophisticated yet subtle look. Not only can they provide a change from the normal standard of fashion, but their inclusion can also influence several other voguish innovations to come forth across the country.

No matter how diverse the landscape is the ambitious drive of mixing western and Indian fashion statements can enable the country to spread across different cultures and traditions to find a common ground for their representation. The possibilities regarding the catalystic potential on how to add a ruffle to a dress  are endless in a sense and can provide a promising conclusion to the fashion dilemma plaguing our country if fully utilised. With time still keen on keeping its tricks under wraps, the eventual impact of ruffles can only be determined over time.


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