Gariiiiiii’s spirt looks and you can says to Robbie regarding the an instructions to handle brand new vessel

Gariiiiiii’s spirt looks and you can says to Robbie regarding the an instructions to handle brand new vessel

Later, Robbie suits that have Prancer, Tapir and you may Old Jingle and you will discovers from their website that Nargathrons have captured Donner and they have found Gariiiiiii’s motorboat. Robbie offers Prancer the amazingly and you can tells him, Tapir and you can Old Jingle locate a means to get in touch with the new World Guardians just before traveling out on boat to access the new Nargathron’s watercraft in order to help save Procurer. Just then, a beneficial hologram regarding Old Jingle looks and you will argues that have Gariiiiiii over who will be bring Robbie information, but each other get off whenever a chat room spain over 40 bored stiff Robbie tells him or her that he is seeking to read the guide. Robbie presses a big yellow key and it directs new vessel to the room and will come outside the Nargathrons boat. He could be brought agreeable and set in the same cellphone while the Procurer.

The brand new Nargathron’s chief Queen Vorkana need brand new crystal, however, Robbie claims to know-nothing about it and you may claims one in the event that the guy did, the guy won’t share with their. But Vorkana hypnotises Robbie with the attracting an image of giving the amazingly so you’re able to Prancer. Later, the crystal is teleported toward motorboat and you can Vorkana places it new ship’s computer and you may kits an effective countdown in order to ruin Planet. Whilst the Vorkana is gone, Robbie spends the idea amplifier to trick a Nargathron trooper for the freeing him and you may Procurer prior to using him to help you bump Vorkana out when she productivity. Significantly more troopers arrive and you may Procurer spends element of her dress so you can hit her or him more. Robbie sends Donner to Planet during the Gariiiiiii’s vessel before trying to quit the fresh countdown. Vorkana production and you may symptoms Robbie, but the guy uses the latest Nose Plunge to overcome to help you a great handle pad one teleports Vorkana so you’re able to Environment. Robbie cannot have the ability to stop the countdown, just then a world Protector looks on the ships monitor warning to set up to have crisis prior to our planet Guardians ruin the brand new Nargathron watercraft, and work out folk accept that Robbie was inactive.

A dying Gariiiiiii informs Robbie when deciding to take new crystal if in case this new Nargathrons obtain it, simple fact is that end for Robbie and the ones he likes, before diminishing aside and you may Robbie makes toward amazingly together with think amp

Straight back on earth, the brand new Vicar hears a sound advising him to continue that have Robbie’s vows just as Robbie happens real time and really sporting thinking amp and you can floats down to additional making use of the element of clothes Donner put prior to so you’re able to knock down this new troopers and you can offers the consider amp to your Vicar. The latest Vicar pronounces Robbie and you will Donner husband and wife in addition to a few reindeer kiss. After, at reception, Em comes over to Robbie who thinks she will promote your other alerting just for the lady to declare that why the guy failed to give their he got such as for example a good hunky greatest man prior to going off to dance that have Prancer (who had a break to your Em right away). Robbie upcoming hears Donner’s voice in his head proclaiming that today he or she is partnered, they have to think about taking an area of one’s own. Robbie seems down and you may sees brand new Vicar carrying thinking amplifier and Robbie requires exactly how he performed you to definitely, perhaps because of he and you can Donner being married.


Robbie has actually brownish fur with brownish eyes and you may antlers having three points on every one. From inside the Reindeer Games, he wears a light vest towards no. 5? involved with teachers. From the his wedding, Robbie wears a black bow tie.

Robbie arrives at the game which is able to save yourself Santa’s child son regarding getting ground by the a slipping walrus which unexpected situations Blitzen. Vixen then tries to fool around with Robbie’s smash on her to cease him from participating in new competition since she wants Blitzen in order to profit very he gets greatest and you will requires this lady from “this dive” however, so it goes wrong as the Robbie has grown to become in love with Procurer. Your face elf happens and informs Robbie that Dated Jingle are swept up less than their domestic therefore Robbie makes the new race to save your which is capable come back to the new battle and grabs up with Blitzen just who knocks him off. Robbie upcoming spends a technique Old Jingle educated him known as Nostrils Diving and you may reaches the finish line meanwhile since the Blitzen however in an image it reveals Blitzen crossed basic. Once providing a hug out-of Procurer, Robbie works out conquering all of the number regarding the games. Once Blitzen is actually arrested to possess cheating if you take pills, Santa helps make Robbie the fresh new chief and gives him the latest sleigh on the nights where the guy requires Donner on the a date in order to the fresh moon.

As the Blitzen, Jack and their henchmen is hectic taking and considering records on the appeal, Robbie, Procurer and Prancer find a weak spot (oriented from the Robbie) of the hotel and you can breakout to track down help but as they escape, Prancer trips a forest, warning Blitzen and you may Jack of its avoid. When the trio just be sure to package how they’re to overcome Blitzen, Robbie highly recommend planning to get the Vikings only to score a great slap about face regarding Procurer but once Robbie requires their if she’s a much better bundle, she chooses to accept Robbie and acquire the Vikings.

Afterwards, Robbie also Prancer (who’s got serving given that most readily useful child) are located in the latest cabin’s living room area (that’s getting used as the wedding area) where Prancer sees which he features forgot the rings and you will distracts Robbie for enough time to obtain her or him. Merely then Procurer (being added down the section by Em and you can Old Jingle) will come and also the Vicar starts understanding out of the vows. Robbie suddenly hears a sound telling him that he is inside the grave hazard and that this is the prevent of the world, ultimately causing him to escape the newest cabin inside stress. Later Robbie flees accountable from the making Donner just as the guy hears a notice trailing your and believes it’s Em, just to see it is a keen alien dressed in a silver believe amplifier (that allows him to talk as opposed to moving his mouth area). The newest alien introduces themselves once the Gariiiiiii and you will claims that he is a world Guardian which include Earth of additional disturbance. Whenever Robbie asks him as to the reasons he or she is right here, Gariiiiiii states that he intercepted a craft belonging to a keen alien race known as Nargathrons who wish to destroy World ahead of telling Robbie that the crystal they have ‘s the Nargathron Amazingly which ‘s the energy source on their biggest weapon.

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