Food for the winter season the best 5 flavoursome and nutritious foods

Talking about popular food for the winter season

Winter is a season where we all need warmth to protect us. This is the season when fireplaces, firewood, and hot-sweating items are in high demand.

So, put away your half-sleeved shirts and pull out those massive blankets, socks, and woolen garments that you’ve been storing for months. Winters have already made their way to our homes, making us forget how much we loved ice cream and cold shakes. 

But, the question is can only these blankets, heavy woolen sweaters give us much-needed warmth? If yes, then how are we supposed to cover ourselves with blankets when we are out? For such times, we should look for a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix, right?

food for the winter season

Has anyone of us ever thought of food as a warmth-giving source in winters? Well, yes you read it right. Was I duped into believing this, or are you the one who doesn’t realize that food is the main character in this cold weather?

What could be better than stuffing your mouth with those hot, soft pakoras full of flavors, while watching the cold breeze blowing outside your house? Food can give warmth to our body internals, erasing the need for blankets. In a nutshell, food is the best replacement for the blankets and sweaters we have to wear all the time.




When it comes to this bitterly cold weather, only food will suffice, and no other thing can replace it. Food is what stays loyal and sticks with us even if it is cold outside your window.


If you are looking for warmth and protection but do not want to sacrifice your taste, then you should consider these food for the winter season which lets you hold onto protection from winter with flavor.


If you love a bowl of gajar ka halwa on your plate with melted aromatic ghee covering it then, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on these delicacies that winter has in store for you.



food for the winter season

While you’re sitting warmly wrapped in a thick, swaddling blanket, you should please your taste buds with this scrumptious winter dish. This dish contains a considerable quantity of ghee, dry fruits, broken wheat, and raisins. It’s a delectable breakfast treat that will keep you warm all day.

Lapsi along with dry nuts and raisins is just a heavenly blessing for all of us in winters, leaving us powerless to resist the rising temptation. It isn’t confined to only a single type, moving across different regions in India, one can find different varieties of Lapsi.




It might sound unbelievable if I say that eating lapsi can greatly improve your health-


  1. It has plenty of magnesium, iron, and fiber.
  2. It comprises whole grains, which can contribute to the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  3. It includes jaggery, which assists digestion and stimulates bowel movement. It also contains iron as a primary component, which aids in the prevention of anemia.



food for the winter season

Despite the introduction of many new dishes to the market, Undhiyu remains one of the most anticipated winter dishes. This is a deliciously flavorful dish that makes our taste buds feel loved. 

Undhiyu demands a lot of time and effort to prepare, but trust me the results at the end truly pay off the hard work. It’s a red lentil-based mixed vegetable casserole with spices, grated coconut, and palm sugar in a mild sauce. It’s served with rice or puri and topped with chopped peanuts and toasted grated coconut.

Winter foods are typically rich and extravagant, but Undhiyu along with taste and flavors doesn’t forget to serve us with nutrients, making it healthy to consume. It is a perfect dish that aims at both targets at the same time.




Well, imagine the benefits you will get once you have tons of nutritious vegetables in one go-


  1. Yams are a healthy root that is used in Undhiyu. It also holds a variety of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. Potassium, manganese, copper, and vitamin C are all abundant in yams
  3. Green flat beans added in undhiyu, also known as papdi, are high in dietary fibre, protein, folate, manganese, copper, and many other minerals. 



food for the winter season

Consider this if you are searching for the best food for the winter season.

Beetroot is a great addition to your daily meals because it is high in nutrition and flavor. Raw, juiced, or cooked, this vegetable is delicious. It is the best antidote to the winter chill. It shouldn’t be underestimated as it can leave us salivating for it. 

Beetroot Thoran has eye-catching color and appearance, delectable taste, and high nutritional value will leave us screaming it as perfect. Thoran is made with chilies and Turmeric. It’s considered a winter dish because it has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, which is perfect for warding off the chills!




Well, we all stay astounded by the taste beetroot thoran offers, but one might be even more surprised when they get to know the benefits it provides to our body-


  1. Beetroot thoran is high in fibre, folate, vitamins, and minerals and is incredibly healthy.
  2. Beets are high in vitamin C and nitrates and have a variety of health benefits.
  3. Nitrates aid in enhanced blood flow and blood pressure reduction.
  4. It provides a complete, healthful side dish for rice when paired with carrot.



food for the winter season

Rogan Josh best served with roti or jeera rice is enough to keep the winter chills at bay. Rogan Josh is a delicious mutton dish that melts in your mouth. The steaming hot dish with toothsome Kashmiri flavors promises to keep our bodies warm. 

Served hot and right, it is crowned as one of the best food for the winter season which everyone must try. With a tempting aroma and appealing taste, Rogan Josh is the most popular dish to combat winter. Every whiff of it is enough to carry anyone to a different world.




Well, Rogan Josh is surely a Kashmiri dish that lifts the mood. Along with that, it also benefits us as-

  1. It contains a lot of Indian spices which enhance the functioning of our body. 
  2. Rogan Josh includes cloves and cinnamon sticks which further help in the proper maintenance of our body and strengthen the immune system.
  3. This being a non-veg delight helps our body to absorb a lot of animal protein.



food for the winter season

Til pitha is a pleasant Assamese dish. It is rice flour rolls crammed with jaggery and ground sesame seed filling.  Because the best jaggery is found in the winter, til pitha is also best completely ready and offered during the winter in India. It is a classic combination of smooth and crispy that can be eaten at any time of day.

It is best offered with hot Assamese tea or rice. Well, the winter season brings in new delicacies, exciting the already excited foodies, and with Til Pitha being a delectable dish that delights await your taste buds, your winters are going to be warm and tasty! 




Til Pitha is a simple looking dish with unimaginable benefits-


  1. The filling of pitha insulates the body and keeps it warm.
  2. Digestion is aided by the til in pithas.
  3. The Tils in pitha are an excellent source of energy, which aids in stabilizing the blood pressure.
  4. Til pithas are also high in fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, all of which contribute to increased energy levels.


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