Food And Health , the relationship between


Food is the symbol of life for the soul, our mood depends on our food choices as it expresses our needs, and the good relationship between food and health gives us an ability to optimal growth and development. But similar to all other relationships, this relation has its complication so let’s understand the difficulties.

Food sustains life and pleases our appetite, it is the fuel running our system and boosting our immunity to safeguard against diseases. Every food entering our body has an impact on our health, either as a ‘medication or toxicity’. So to generate nourishment from the food we need to understand the science of food “Nutrition”.

Nutrition is the prime factor for a healthy lifestyle and it is obtained from ‘nutrients’ present in different sources of food, our bodies are the masters in utilizing the required nutrients from the consumed food. As we are aware of the fact that only good food leads to good health.


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Food: Make the Choice Easy

The problem is: How To Build A Healthy Relationship?

The building of a relationship between food and health needs lifelong involvement and engagement. We must choose wisely what to feed our organs. Each type of food has its nutrients. Our main aspect should be feeding the best composition of food by knowing the nutrition requirements.

The most important factor of a relationship is being attentive, we must pay attention to the reactions shown by our body based on the food choices by feeding the body only acceptable meals.

The moderate word should be a mark while eating healthy food because overeating always leads to damage.

The crucial fact is to not get deceive by wrong influence from the surrounding because body requirements vary from person to person.

Therefore, there are no such secrets for a healthy food lifestyle. However even knowing all elements of adopting healthy eating habits applying it gets challenging, the only way to achieve is by embracing yourself and practising conscious eating. 



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