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Accessories has been the most underrated element of styling for a brief periods of time in the near past. Perfect accessories can make an ordinary outfit become extraordinary. When you accessorize a little black dress with a statement neckpiece or earrings and a pair of metallic heels, a simple dress has now become urban and edgy. The same black dress when paired with tasteful flats and a simple neckpiece becomes apt for a formal meet. Knowing how to accessorize your outfits will bring the best from your wardrobe in a number of ways.

How to understand accessorizing fashion accessories?

1) Know and understand the do’s and don’ts, this will help you to not go wrong with fashion accessories.

– Don’t over or under accessorize, choose wisely.

– Pair bold accessories with understated clothes or vice versa.

– Avoid overly monochromatic looks. Mix n match in proper proportions.

– Choose one colour from the outfit and play that up for an elegant and classy look.

– Balance the size of accessories with the outfit.

– Use accessories that enhance your features.

– Use makeup as required as an accessory.


2) Pick out your fashion accessories wisely, this helps you build a style statement of your own.

– Adapt your accessories to your style, creating a signature.

– Find inspirations, try them, learn and blend them into your style in any way possible.

– Check through thrift stores, local markets and clearance bins for trending women accessories to match your style.

– Classic accessories is worth the spend always.

– Keep your complexion in mind when picking accessories.

– Consider accessories out of the box sometimes.


3) Try different looks, trail and error is the best way to choose your style and adapt it.

– Try what suits best for every event or place like, work-style, an edgy look yet simple, beach looks, classy event looks, etc. Go all in with your imagination.


Types of fashion accessories to choose from

There are 6 basic categories of fashion accessories for women –


  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories
  • Handbags
  • Belts
  • Winter accessories

Along with all of these makeup is also considered an accessory, which is to be used as per requirements.


How to style these fashion accessories for women?


  • Jewellery


It is one of the easiest places to start accessorizing. Add earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, diamonds and pearls according to the outfit.

Pair small hoops with a blazer, big hoops for a trendy and evening kind of look and regular earrings to elevate casual look.

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Use gold or silver rings for elegant day looks and colourful cocktail rings for night looks.

Use necklaces when you wear V necks or anything that shows more of your neck region. Chains instantly elongate your neckline.

Hand accessories have been so underrated after the increased fashion of watches, but bracelets add a charm to your entire look. Be it cuff type, chain type or even a bangle for that matter it always accentuates the look of your wrist.

Diamonds and pearls almost pair well with most things in our closets and hence is an amazing purchase.


  • Watches
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Many see it to its utilitarian status but when well chosen, it can make a style statement. Play around with the materials, bands and shapes to define your style. You can choose between classic bracelet watches and smart watches.


  • Shoes

Footwear usually doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Footwear amps up the fashion factor and how?

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Pair pumps and heels for formal or date night looks and pair stilettoes with a casual denim tee look for a feminine rock vibe.

Pair boots with denims or skirts or midi dresses for a chic and visual intrigued look.

Use flats and sneakers as go to and for casual looks.


  • Bags
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These women accessories again are very subjective to style. Choose from everyday bags, evening bags or office bags which suit you the best.


  • Belts

This is again one of the most underrated fashion accessories but when worn gives a flattering look.

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Classic belts – these can be your go-tos for jeans or any pants.

Statement belts – they bring in some fun, visual flair and some drama to the entire look. You can choose from animal prints to bold colours to some geometric patterns.

Wide belts – this is a must have accessory to create an hourglass silhouette.


  • Sunglasses
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This is a functional accessory that speaks out about your personality even before you do. These also can be classic or statement.


This was your guide to fashion accessories to take your fashion game high. Start accessorizing now.

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