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Explore, different types of weddings around the world:

Ethnic Wedding Fashion and different types of weddings  Around The World


From being a toddler oblivious to the working of the world, to the luscious memories of childhood, to eventually passing through the mysterious realms of adulthood and ultimately to the tiring nostalgia witnessed in old age, we experience life through different stages unique to one another. What makes this journey special is the endless number of cherishable moments that we encounter which soon become etched in eternity as some of our most unforgettable experiences.

The experience of a wedding, is in no way different in that regard. From occasionally witnessing these ceremonies throughout our lives, to eventually standing in the shoes of the bride/groom, weddings provide a moment of bliss that remains special for eternity.

It’s defining ability of being able to gather all our past, present and potential future mixed in a festive gala like setting makes it one of the most prestigious moments one can experience, and this will remain ambiguous to our own understanding. With wedding’s being a universal concept that is divergent across the world, the uniqueness in its fashion is another defining statement.

All of these are metaphorical of the description of fashion and style in every part of the hemisphere and hold prestige and dignity in their ultimate significance. With the world itself being so vast, Each continent divided into different countries and even diverse cultures have their own versions of ethnic fashion , style and a good range of different types of weddings around the world. Let us look at some of the most diverse , popular ethnic styles and different type of  wedding dress codes  around the world.

Different types of weddings around the world-


  • Japanese Wedding’s

The influx of globalization and western influences has changed the previously traditionally bound version of Japanese weddings to an extent, yet their cultural and ethnic distinction is still very much evident and reflective in their fashion. There aren’t many different type of wedding dress codes it is limited to one. The deep-rooted one piece kimono is a strict dress code which is to be followed by female guests, since two piece dresses are considered bad luck.

different types of weddings around the world
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The bride dazzles in a sacred white kimono known as Shiromuku which is believed to symbolises purity. The colour white is strictly reserved only for the bride. Flashy and animated colours are mostly limited to a few, owing to the belief that it creates unnecessary attention.


The groom dons a black Montsuki which is the traditional male version of the kimono, while other male guests are expected to wear dark suits. Mostly following Shinto and Buddhist cultural traditions, these very short weddings are mostly devoid of large gatherings or luxurious jewelleries , accessories and they don’t really have different types of wedding ceremonies, instead with a focus on emulating their traditional predecessors with a modern twist.


  • Kazakhstani Wedding’s

Brimming with traditional and cultural conflicts of the past and the present, with weddings which ranged weeks to eventually a single day, the modern Kazakhi wedding is a mixture of European and regional customs equivalent with each other. While men have modernised the use of a black suit or tuxedo worn in a semi traditional way, the most striking features of Kazakhi fashion belong to the bride.

different types of weddings around the world
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The use of the Saukele, a conical hat that is adorned by the bride which is decorated with a wide range of sapphires and pearls is the most evident characteristic of the attire. The upper part of the cap also consists of a white veil known as zhalek, used to cover the face during the ceremony. Worn over a white gown or dress with a possibly coloured blaze the outfit is mostly a representation of European influence over time, while the Semi traditional suits hints the same.


  • Scottish Wedding’s

Filled with chatter and laughter under the underlying tone of pompous bagpipes, mainstream media has hyped up a stereotypical image of Scottish weddings. While it is certainly not completely false, it is certainly not completely true as well, especially in this time and age.

different types of weddings around the world
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The modern version of the Scottish Wedding is similar to the western model of white gowns and tuxedos, yet their cultural and traditional leaning morphs into these systematic structures with ease. The use of dorsal tartans both plain and colourful are added to these gowns, while men are seen wearing coloured kilts with their tuxedo’s along with the traditional Arisaid, a hooded Cape tied on his waist.


  • Hasidic Wedding’s

Mostly witnessed in Israel and other Jewish dominated centers, these weddings are mostly very short, barely 25 – 45 minutes long and features a wide range of different types of wedding ceremonies all  traditional Yiddish practices.

different types of weddings around the world
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In this ultra orthodox system, Brides are witnessed in shoulder covering laced gowns mostly wearing light colours, with a transparent veil hanging loose from their heads. Numerous Jewish women practice the Sheitel, prompting them to completely shave their heads before the wedding, making them wear laced wigs for the ceremony. Men are mostly clad in black tuxedo’s or dark suits with a Kippah or Yarmulka covering their heads.


  • Saving the best for the last…The Indian Wedding

Ahhh… The most diverse and familiar of the lot. From cultural and ethnic distinctions on all the four directions in the north, south, east and west to holding some of the most indigenous and unique religions, groups and communities within its borders, the sheer versatility and complexity of the Indian wedding can only be defined as a spectacle that incorporates all these assortments into a single umbrella.

different types of weddings around the world
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Ranging from white dhoti’s and bright red sarees, crisp tuxedo’s and white veils, kohl lined eyelids and henna clad hands in a brightly lit setting, crimson sherwani’s and brunette tipped dupattas with streamlined edges on the jewellery, the literal versatility of each wedding in the country symbolises a completely unique cultural and ethnic aspect of ethnic community within the society.

With the overall distinctions of Indian weddings being difficult to explain due to its diverse palette and sheer number of variations, some of its significance and common features throughout can be defined through the festive and expensive vibe that it gives in most cases. Also, there are so many different types of wedding ceremonies in almost every Indian wedding.

different types of weddings around the world
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These weddings are some of the largest in the world, with a plethora of people indulging in them with preparations for over a month or year. The use of visibly expensive jewelleries in the form of gold, diamonds and other precious materials are another common sight to behold. Mostly witnessed in exceptionally lavish and gorgeous settings, Indian weddings symbolises a sense of mythical spirituality and traditional acceptance. There are tons and tons of different types of dress codes and different types of wedding ceremonies in an Indian wedding.

In conclusion, the significance and the literal prominence that weddings have in this world and the general society will forever be unsung. While ambiguous in its ultimate intention, its importance can always be a representation of how much the world is distinct in its ideologies and yet share a common point for goodness.

The above stated information about different types of weddings around the world is just a drop of water in a sea.  Wedding in itself brings so much of laughter, happiness, love, sorrow and zillion other feelings.


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