Conclusions because of these studies are summarized below

Conclusions because of these studies are summarized below

Looking for Scorpio at the bottom of the record is also unsurprising, as there may be a clash regarding wills whenever this type of two pair up, with each top fighting to own electricity and you may handle from inside the relationship

Traditional astrologers believe that Leos try really appropriate for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and you will Sagittarius, and you can the very least compatible Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and you may Pisces, exactly what carry out the real matrimony and divorce analytics state?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) presented a giant-scale examination of sunshine cues, close nearly 1 million members of Switzerland, which discover statistically extreme efficiency into a great amount of steps as well as ) used an identical data when you look at the France using wedding analytics gathered anywhere between 1976 and 1997, which included more than six million marriages.

Sachs discovered that Leo boys marry Aries females usually inside the Switzerland, and they was least browsing wed Aquarians and separation and divorce Aries people. However, as opposed to antique astrological facts, Leo boys keeps an overhead-average splitting up rates with Libra ladies. Here is a complete ranks off most commonly known in order to least preferred marriages which have Leo people (* demonstrates that as a result, mathematically tall – simply put, the effect is actually too big in order to attribute to arbitrary chance):

    1. Aries*
    2. Leo
    3. Scorpio

    Libras could be extremely flirtatious and Leos desire to be the fresh focus, making this that you’ll end in to have dating problems

    Leo people and you may Aries female may do better along with her since the each other include extroverted, excitement-trying, risk-bringing, adventurous, and you can energetic, so they age some thing. Both tend to have an innovative streak as well, so they really can get thread more aesthetic pursuits.

    When it comes to base of number, Leo and you may Aquarius have quite little in accordance except if most other factors inside their natal zodiacs become more compatible. Regular Leos is enjoying, affectionate, expressive, and you can passionate, while normal Aquarians is actually mentally detached and you may separate. Leo can find Aquarius cooler and you may faraway, and Aquarius can find that the Leo means too-much interest and you may praise. Yet not, when the its ascendants or moon signs much more suitable, these makes an appealing match.

    Just what is the reason the better-than-mediocre breakup figure between the theoretically compatible signs and symptoms of Leo and you may Libra? As well as, Libras become relaxed and you will rational, capable of seeing both sides off a problem, whereas Leos move solidly to one side and you can defend they fiercely (while Libra requires a simple stance instead of exterior that have the lady mate for each thing, Leo may think of this an act out-of disloyalty).

    Castille unearthed that Leo boys inside France are most likely together2night hookup to help you marry Leo female and you may minimum browsing marry Scorpios. Listed here is a total positions out of most frequent to help you least common marriage ceremonies with Leo boys (* indicates that the result is mathematically high):

    Seeing Leo at the top of the list is actually not surprising, while the a couple of Leos will probably share existence choice, perceptions, factors, and you can means of concerning the globe.

    However, if the a couple people have very appropriate rising signs otherwise moonlight cues, other inclinations will be minimized and you can dating prospects could well be far better.

    Sachs receive zero statistically significant outcomes for Leo ladies most likely relationships people, however, he did realize that he’s minimum planning to marry Taurus guys, which accords that have traditional astrological philosophy regarding the Taurus-Leo being compatible. Leo females probably avoid Taurus people more often as they come across the typical Taurus too bound by habits and you can habits (though an excellent Taurus whose ascendant is within a flames signal have a tendency to be much more adventurous). The following is an overall ranking of most common so you can least common marriages having Leo girls (* indicates that the result is statistically high):

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