Childcare and pandemic: how did it influence the child maintenance

Childcare and pandemic; how is it influencing the child supervision?

Isn’t it surprising how everyone’s lives have changed since November 2019 due to the novel coronavirus?

With few earlier cases in Wuhan, it out broke in the world causing destruction everywhere. People lost their families, jobs and many things to this virus. It affected people socially and economically uprooting their regular lives.

And it is still here with us at an alarming rate. But let’s talk about the age group affected most by this current pandemic, children.

The outbreak of the covid-19 virus compelled children to face various difficult situations at a very young age. It affected many households that indirectly affected the kids of the family. Children lost their parents and that forced them to face the world even before they were ready for it. Many people lost their jobs forcing their kids to lead their lives at a bare minimum.

Childcare and pandemic
Image source: The Washington Post

Apart from this,  another aspect of childcare and pandemic is that the whole world has digitalized itself and thus to meet current requirements all those activities which were used to be carried out in child care centres and school are now restricted to a single screen.


This is damaging their vision at a very young age. It also results in hypertension and anxiety in the younger generation. Being restricted in a room and a house hampering the mental growth of a child.

Childcare and pandemic
Image source: Tribune India

Lockdown was mainly implemented to keep children away from infection. But it showed other serious problems instead. Lack of physical activity is causing weight gain as well as harming mental health. Also due to constant exposure to negative news and sometimes abusive behaviours of their parents, children go through some major psychological problems while being at home.

In this new era of childcare and pandemic, Some newborns don’t even know that there are people in this world except the ones living with them. Social interaction is completely hampered due to the pandemic.

Children are now lacking the ability to make relation and feel the human presence. And these issues generate major concerns among parents.

But taking in mind that this pandemic is not going to end anytime soon, everyone including the government and parents is trying to make the situation favourable for children.

The government is in this new phase of childcare and pandemic, is implementing laws for children who have lost their parents or earning members in this pandemic. School and child care centres are strictly prohibited to engage kids for long hours keeping in mind the duration of exposure to the screen.


Childcare and pandemic
Image source: children’s health

Parents are also careful in providing an amicable atmosphere to kids. At one place where pandemic decreases social interactions, but it enables parents to bond with their kids more. Children are learning family values when they are provided with a good environment. Also, everything which was not important in daily lives has been eradicated. Everyone has started leading their lives at a bare minimum.


So, as this virus is going to remain between us for a longer duration, all we can do is to gather up and together help in making the world a little bit better place to live. And we can try to make survival easy for others, especially children.

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