Carpets For Living Room, The 7 Most Lavish Ones


Let’s face it, we Indians enjoy experimenting with our homes! We often go above and beyond for a casual trend, devoting a great deal of time and effort to creating the ideal experience for our family and ourselves.

So, when you hear the words “winter is coming,” what comes to mind? Yeah, Game of Thrones is cool, but do you crave winter aesthetics as well? 

You’re sitting on the plush carpet in your living room, sipping hot chocolate and watching your favorite show on TV? We’re sure you do!

So, before you go all out to make your living room seem like a winter wonderland, have a look at the must-have carpets for living room, a list curated just for you by yours truly!


carpets for living room
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Hand-tufted woolen carpets are always in style. Since time immemorial, they have been a symbol of royalty. It is pricey due to its toughness and sturdiness, but it also has the advantage of being dirt and stain-resistant. 

The market is flooded with traditional intricate designs to contemporary designs on these hand-crafted rugs. Wool will surely add to the winter feels this season.

carpets for living room
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Acrylic fiber resembles wool fiber in appearance and has great static and stain resistance. It is a synthetic fiber that is now used to make carpets.

Typically used in areas that are prone to stains and grime. Because of the aforementioned characteristics, it is an ideal material for a carpet. Unlike your favorite show, these last forever! *SOBS*

carpets for living room
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The demand for this product has increased as people become more conscious of the importance of sustainability and environmentally friendly items. Natural fiber carpets are the latest fashion.

This carpet offers a natural earthiness while also being cost-effective. If you want a fashionable and bohemian atmosphere in your living room, it’s a fantastic alternative as long as you’re willing to vacuum it every other day because it accumulates a lot of dust! This one undoubtedly has a maintenance cost.

carpets for living room
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One of the most costly carpets in the world, these are simply too good to pass up. It is a natural fiber by nature. The greatest luxury is a silk carpet!

For centuries, Kashmiri families have passed down the technique of producing beautiful silk carpets from generation to generation,  and it is still at the center of Kashmiri art.

They simply melt our hearts with their distinctive patterns and various hues and colors. Silk carpets are good for older persons and youngsters because they give a high-grade cushioning effect when strolling about the room. It would be an excellent choice if you want something light, sturdy, soft, and long-lasting all at the same time.

carpets for living room
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Cotton carpets are the greatest option for giving your living area a country-style makeover.  They give you an informal vibe, not a royal, expensive one. A “dhurrie,” which is made from the cotton plant, is non-toxic, sustainable, and very adaptable. 

They nearly feel like a refreshing breeze on a summer morning, yet they keep you toasty all year! In India, they are often weaved by hand. They aren’t as long-lasting as wool carpets, but they’re a decent value for the money. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as your living rooms!

carpets for living room
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Nylon carpeting is a carpet flooring that is noted for its durability. It has grown in popularity among households with troublemakers such as dogs and children. The nylon fiber has high tensile strength and can withstand heavy traffic.

It is also dirt and soil-resistant, making it ideal for situations that become soiled quickly. If you have a lot of parties in your living room, this may be the carpet you’re searching for. It does discolor, however, if vacuumed regularly and properly, this is not a problem.

It retains its original shape due to the strength of the fiber, although it has a large static charge. If you want to purchase this, have an anti-static spray on hand at all times.

carpets for living room
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People who wish to take sustainability to the next level may be interested in recycled carpets. These are made from old carpets, fabric, denim, and sloth stripes and will have your visitors wondering about the artist in you. 

These are for people that are free-spirited, like to experiment with their decor, and like trying new things. They can be stitched into patches or braided, colored, or left natural. 

They make excellent carpets since they are both comfy and guilt-free home decor. They are inexpensive, fairly durable depending on the type of cloth used, they draw attention, and they are imaginative.


~This brings us to the conclusion of our list of favorite carpet and rug materials, but for those who stayed with us to the end, you have our heart! We hope you discover the ideal carpet for your cheerful living room. And once you’ve done that, don’t forget to return to us for something fresh! Until then, have fun decorating!

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