Cardio workouts for weight loss: 10 common myths, beware

10 Common Myths Related To Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss That You Must Not Believe


In our ensuing chase to get ahead in this world we have grown to compromise on a lot of things, knowingly or unknowingly. Health is amongst the top most in this list which we fail to prioritise even in these troubled times of the 21st century. The inability of our contemporary lifestyles to incorporate a healthier perspective has resulted in several unfortunate scenarios to arise, mostly resulting in our current generation being plagued with issues of obesity, recurring fatigue, hazardous physical diseases and mental inconsistencies.

The easiest counter for such a situation is the literal adoption of a healthier and lively approach into our day to day lives, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as we can imagine. The issue of where to begin is a problem that each of us will encounter without fail. But a question which we all have regarding this is,

Where do we begin?

While Cardiovascular exercises as an answer can be quite direct and ambiguous, it’s eventual benefit enables it to work as a catalyst for each and every exercise and remedy that we follow through. Following a cardio structured exercise schedule can act as a base for practicing further healthy exercises and diets, thereby promoting an initiative for a healthy lifestyle.


What is Cardio Exercising?

cardio workouts for weight loss
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Cardiovascular exercise or cardio exercises are mainly concerned towards the smooth functioning and maintaining of one’s heart rate. A healthy and positive heart rate can result in several benefits in our body, most notably within our respiratory system as it soon becomes much more relaxed and effective and thereby is a form of activity that promotes aerobic metabolism in our body.

Also known as aerobic or endurance exercise, the prolonged use of cardio exercises results in our heart rate and respiration rate increasing drastically, eventually raising blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. Our blood vessels will soon expand as more oxygen is being transported through our body, resulting in the release of endorphins that act as natural painkillers that help combat any ailments or diseases of within our body.

Incorporating these exercises into our daily life for longer periods of times will conclude in a more efficient and lively performance of our lungs, circulatory system and heart.


Benefits  of Cardio Exercise


There are a plethora of cardio exercises that a person can indulge in, with them being classified as either indoor or outdoor based. Many of these includes power walking, cycling, swimming, jump ropes, hula hooping amongst many others. Constantly pursuing many of these can enable several benefits on the long run. These include helping us manage our weight, preventing severe heart conditions, regulating our mental health and overall metabolism along with ensuring that our sleep patterns are kept in a prosperous equilibrium.

However, every yin has a yang and for all of these benefits there exists several myths related to them that tarnish their representations to an extent. Cardio workouts for weight loss training in particular has its fair share regarding false hoaxes and confusing legends directed towards the public.

The following is a list of some of the most common myths that are associated with cardio workouts for weight loss :


  • To burn more calories having an empty stomach while doing cardio is the way forward.
cardio workouts for weight loss
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This is a common misconception that is prevalent across most people that are oblivious about nutritional intake and the need for energy and it’s significance in our daily lives. Indulging in cardio workout without a proper meal can result in early exhaustion and lack of stamina. This is because an empty stomach makes the body devoid of any energy intake, resulting in your overall metabolism depleting. Thereby make sure to eat atleast a banana before you workout.


  • Workouts early morning are more effective.

A claim which does not have any scientific or nutritional backing as the literal effectiveness of our cardio workouts does not depend on how early or how late we grind our body, but rather how consistent and dedicated we are in completing them. Time does not play spoilsport if we are entirely indulged in our efforts.


  • The longer the duration spent on cardio in a day the more beneficial it is.

While this may not be completely baseless, it is advised not to overwork yourself for immediate results. Cardio workouts should be no longer than 1-2 hours each day with respect to its intensity, and should not be carried forward for extremely strenuous hours. This is because our body requires regular time stops for resting, as the overall benefit of the workouts only start showing during these periods of rest. Excess workouts may also result in several injuries and tears, thereby the need for taking a break should not be forgotten. Overall, the quality of the exercise should be given more priority than the quantity.


  • Cardio workouts that are less than an hour every day are unjust in their ability to reduce weight.

We already talked about whether working out for longer periods of time are fruitful, now it’s time to address the other side of the coin. Working out for durations that are less than an hour is not entirely useless, this is the fact. For each minute of effort that we are putting in be it at a treadmill, in a cycle or doing aerobic exercises etc. we are infact burning calories of fat in proportion. The change that we want to see is directly proportional to the effort that we put in.

It is true that longer workouts help burn more calories, this is only because of the more time spent on them and does not in any sense signify that shorter workouts produce lower results. Moreover, the current trend of short workouts that are high on intensity are gaining popularity, thereby proving that more than time it is the effort that matters.


  • For weight-loss alone, cardio workouts should be the only priority with the rest being unnecessary.

While cardio workouts greatly contribute to weight loss and regulation, it should be noted that they are not the only ones with weight loss benefits. Weight training for example also create weight loss benefits. This is because in such a workout that mainly involves the developing of our muscles, the ensuing burning sensation within these muscles can reduce calories of fat in our body resulting in higher metabolism. Thereby, cardio is not the only means for burning fats, but it is amongst one of the most effective.


  • Consumption of large quantities of water before cardio workouts helps grind some extra pounds

Drinking water is extremely important for losing weight and there are several theories that justify how doing so can help burn more fat and prevent workout exhaustion, however there is still no scientific proof for such a claim. Water can act as an agent that fills our tummy to thinking it is full, thereby making us cut our food intake which in a sense might reduce weight, albeit in a more sacrificial way. It also works as a fuel that charges our body during workouts along with detoxifying our calories during a workout.

However, excess intakes before cardio may not exactly yield results in the range of what we are looking for in the above scenario. For starters, a large intake before workouts will add no extra effect to our overall exercise and may result in excess sweating or uncomfortable bladder movements which may limit a “fluid” workout regime.


  • The consumption of beverages such as Coffee and Green Tea before cardio workouts are good for weight loss and overall metabolism
cardio workouts for weight loss
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There are several foods which are suggested before starting a workout with bananas, yoghurt and brown rice being popular examples, but regarding the impact that beverages such as coffee and green tea have on our body pre workout are still inconsistent.

Coffee is a beverage which has a high percentage of caffeine stored within, which can result in a lot of dehydration over time. This can result in fatigue and exhaustion taking place post workout. Studies have also linked them to potential cardiovascular health ailments and should thereby be discouraged before a workout.

Green tea’s are extremely healthy beverages that help detoxify the cells within our bodies, yet their consumption right before a workout may not be beneficial in a practical sense and may instead result in the addition of calories in our body. However, post workout it is a different story as they are very much recommended for weight loss and in promoting overall health.


  • Leg days can be skipped in favour of cardio
cardio workouts for weight loss
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Another popular hoax that people greatly believe to be true, mostly as a result of the infamous façade that is created around ‘ Leg days’, which is basically the day in the gym dedicated entirely towards our lower body. Thanks to their reputation as some of the most painful endeavours while working out, they are universally hated.

Since most of the cardio exercises that we do are directly associated with our legs and it’s movements, there is a pretty common myth that cardio workouts for weight loss and leg days are arguably the same and that cardio workouts should be much more favoured because of their weight loss tendencies.

Even though they are similar in several aspects, cardio and leg workouts are unique in their ultimate significance and such a comparison is meaningless to an extent. Preferring cardio exercises before leg days provides no additional benefits other than being another metaphorical excuse for being lazy.

  • The amount of sweat you give out during an exercise is directly proportional to number of calories you are burning!
cardio workouts for weight loss
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Aah.. a popular myth that has been used as a means for exploitation by several fitness companies over the years. While sweating does signify our changing body temperature and effort, it does not entirely mean that it is a result of our workout structure successfully burning calories. This is because sweating can be attributed to a lot of reasons such as age, environment, genetics etc. and cannot completely be classified as being due to our efforts.

People may sweat at different rates even if they are doing the exact same workout. Also, instead of it being directly proportional to our burnt calories, they are more likely proportional to the water content that was within our bodies. But cheer up, sweating constantly can only mean one thing on the long run : You are on the right track in achieving your dreams !!.

  • Cardio workouts for weight loss require the presence of a gym to be fully effective

A classic which still sits deep in the minds of older and younger generations alike. Apart from being rather silly, such a baseless belief promotes the agenda of even health being a utilitarian commodity that is limited to the hands of a few. Let me clarify yet again cardio DOES NOT require a gym to be fully effective. Anybody can do these aerobic exercises within their homes or outside in their lawn.

Much serious cardio workouts for weight loss such as treadmills and weights can be replaced by more affordable alternatives like cycling, jogging etc. Or any such activity which results in your heart rate working can be termed as cardio. Maintaining healthy diets, balancing an active lifestyle are all indirectly cardio exercises which help us combat the issue of weight gain and need not entirely be done inside a four chambered room.

More than any expensive equipment or regime, the literal need of taking an initiative and having the right mindset is the most important aspect while dealing with such myths.

The above stated data were some common myths regarding cardio workouts for weight loss. Hope you will take care of them by not falling and believing such myths.

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