Which is the best body oil for winter season? Try These 4

Which is the best body oil for winter season?

body oil for winter season

Do you love your skin? We know you do, but do you love the way it becomes in winters? Not at all, right? After all, who on earth adores dry skin?

Don’t worry reader, we understand every behavior and gesture of your body towards you each time the season changes. It feels as if our own body betrays us and changes from time to time, by drying in winters and getting burnt in summers. Ahh, those sunburns are true killers.  

And how can we even forget the ‘prestigious’ moment when we have to step back each time our near and dear ones come close to pull our cheeks, just because we have dry and dull skin. I mean, excuse me, what can be more embarrassing than that, displeasing enough to hide our faces which we anyway do in winters. 

The humiliation always rises over anyone who does not understand our anguish in such situations, just as oil rises above the water. Hold on, what did you just read, oil above water? Ah okay, well you just gave yourself a solution in such aggravation, 

If nature is the cause, it is also the solution!


When it comes to skin-drying winters, oil is the finest option you could ever choose. Well, we know we know, not most of us adore oils because of its greasy nature, or perhaps because they are only for geeks ‘in your words,’ but at the end of the day you are not hooked to oils but even without your knowledge, your skin is. 

And why wouldn’t it be? It embraces your skin while also offering the brightness, softness, and hydration it craves.

So, we at Aurora Cosmos welcome you to adopt this best body oil for winter season. Don’t worry pal, trust us, this won’t leave you disappointed.


Coconut Oil

body oil for winter season

Well, no questions, audience because this is our special mothers’ and grandmothers’ verified oil. Winter necessitates special attention to our bodies and in such despairing times, the greatest body lotion is coconut oil. No doubt, coconut oil is the best body oil for your winter skin.

Well, if you are in agony because of extremely dry skin, then trust us, we know what you are going through when you mention ‘extremely’. In such situations, Coconut oil is the best body oil for winter season that comes to your rescue.

Simply warm the oil and gently apply it to your face to feel the difference in skin softness and smoothness. Leave it on for half an hour, then cover it with a face pack and wash it off with ordinary or lukewarm water. Look at the difference.

Well, just like an all-rounder is an asset to a team, the same way, coconut oil is an asset for all of us, crowned as the king of oils, it softens and enhances our upset-dry skin. It’s such a mood-lifter for our upsetting skin. 




Coconut oil has a lot of advantages, and many of you certainly already have some on hand. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to take benefit of this inexpensive and miraculous product

  • In the winter, exfoliation is essential to eliminate roughness and dead skin. Coconut oil may be used as a basic exfoliating scrub to keep your skin healthy and hydrated without the high cost or harsh chemicals.


  • You can use this oil on other regions of your body as well to make your body look fresh and silky.


  • Coconut oil serves as a body lotion after a decent exfoliation. It’s not only delicious-smelling, but it’s also wonderfully light and hydrating.


  • Any ridiculously priced eye cream can be replaced with coconut oil. For best results, massage a minimal quantity around and under your eyes once a day.


  • Coconut oil is the best cuticle treatment available. Apply a generous amount to your fingernails and push your cuticles as normal to maintain your fingernails fit and satisfied this winter. It’s the same with your feet and toes!


  • If you want to razor in the winter, try using coconut oil as a shaving cream. Just a small application of this will avoid razor cuts and dry legs. Your legs will feel incredibly silky, smooth, and moisturized as a result.


  • Massage your entire foot with coconut oil, pull-on ankle socks, then go to sleep for the perfect pedicure treatment. Your feet will indeed be smoother than ever when you wake, and your heels will no longer be cracked.


Other Alternatives In Body Oil For Winter Season


We agree that you desire smooth and glowing skin but does that mean only a single oil can be applied? Well, how about employing the other best alternatives to enhance the way your skin looks?

Apart from our top suggestion, we have listed these 3 body oil for dry skin on the table which can help attain what you crave for your skin.


Jojoba Oil

body oil for winter season

Even though it’s a wax, jojoba (pronounced ho-HO-ba) oil has a chemical composition that’s very similar to our skin’s natural oils, making it quickly absorbed by the skin. It is recommended by dermatologists because it includes minerals like zinc and copper, as well as vitamins B and E, which assist in enhancing the skin.


Safflower Oil

body oil for winter season

Linoleic acid, or omega-6 fatty acid, is found in the oil of this flower, which aids in the production of ceramides, a type of lipid that enables the skin to cling onto the water and avoid drying. Apart from argan oil, which is much more costly, safflower oil is great for almost all of the oils for irritated, dry skin.


Olive Oil

body oil for winter season

Extra-virgin olive oil, in particular, is an excellent all-around organic moisturizer and is strongly advised for dehydrated skin. It contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamin E. Olive oil, like jojoba oil, is parallel to the oils produced naturally by our skin and thus absorbs well. 


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