Biotechnology and skincare, a unique route to healing

With the advancements and innovation in technology, the world is constantly stepping towards growth and development to make life easy and comfortable.

Technology has entered into different industries and made a huge difference to ease the life of the people. One such industry is the beauty and skincare industry.

Biotechnology and Skincare have entered into the beauty industry and changed the definition of sustainable beauty products.


Biotechnology and skincare
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There are now many green beauty micro-trends, including blue beauty, biodegradable beauty, and more, all falling under the umbrella of sustainability, with biotech beauty being the most recent to take attention.

It has changed the way we perceive the idea of natural skincare products.

But what exactly biotechnology and skincare comprise? How is it bringing change in our daily life?

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a broad field of biology that includes the development or manufacture of items using live systems and creatures.
Humans have harnessed it to create different valuable goods and components in a laboratory setting for many years.

Biotechnology and Skincare:


Biotechnology and skincare


Biotech components have lately been incorporated into skincare, making it a clean and more sustainable place.

Biotechnology and skincare have come up to use active compounds that have been created in a highly regulated laboratory setting by genetically altering microbes (yeast, bacteria, etc.).

These substances are a combination of microorganisms (bio) and microbe-engineered DNA (tech) as a result of the manufacturing process, hence the word biotech.

Through sophisticated bio-fermentation, biotechnology allows for the creation of components with key active qualities.
Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and fermented polysaccharides are some of the well-known biotech skincare ingredients.

How do Biotechnology and Skincare have come together to benefit you?


Biotechnology and skincare
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Biotechnology in skincare can improve your skincare routine while also being beneficial for the environment. Biotechnology has enabled the beauty industry to develop products with enhanced quality control, greater consistency, and lesser environmental effect.

Biotech ingredients are less expensive than natural resources, which are generally more expensive and sensitive to variables such as seasonal variations. Over the last decade, these components have grown in popularity.
Biotech also steps towards avoiding resource exhaustion and mitigation of overconsumption.

Biotech skincare products are also free of toxins and pesticides, making them ideal for sensitive skin.
Biotech compounds have safety profiles similar to those of their plant and animal equivalents, making them safe for everyday use.

Compared to the traditional extraction procedure, biotechnology’s genetic process can harvest an ingredient faster and with greater consistency, lowering the overall carbon footprint of biotech skincare products.
Orveda, for example, has created lines that contain bacteria, enzymes, and yeast blends that don’t disrupt the skin’s natural process or microflora.

Similarly, biotech firms like Geltorm have invented vegan-friendly collagen treatments (made from microbial fermentation) that claim to improve skin firmness and suppleness.


Biotechnology and skincare
Picture source: Z Beauty and Spa
Although biotechnology and skincare together as mixes may raise concerns about human safety and bioethics, cosmetic ingredient companies must ensure consumer and testing reproducibility before moving further, as described in a 2016 study.



It implies that biotech skincare ingredients must pass stringent manufacturing and manufacturing environment checks. And because the biotech process allows for more thorough examinations when developing a skincare product, a significantly safer product can hit the market as a result.


Cosmetics have come a long way, and Biotechnology has enabled the beauty industry to create chemicals that are both safe for human use and more effective.
Biotechnology has elevated the industry and developed a new level of acceptance for lab-created ingredients as eco-friendly, natural, and the future of sustainability.


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