Abrupt fashion burnout after pandemic is alarming.

Reluctant to dress up? You are probably experiencing fashion burnout!


You have just spent a year and a half in a loose T-shirt and joggers! At the most, you must’ve put a presentable shirt over your PJs, or probably changed into your workout clothes. Nonetheless, there certainly hasn’t been any significant occasion to “dress-up” if you know what I mean.


Now, imagine if you were to receive an invite to a fancy gala in a few days. You would probably not feel like dressing up much than too! This psychological state of reluctance can be understood as fashion burnout.


Don’t get me wrong! You may be someone who loves dressing up when things are normal. However, having a fashion burnout amidst the “new normal” is less about disinterest in fashion and more related to “mental exhaustion”. Something that most people are going through these days. This burnout, though temporary, has risen out of numerous excruciating factors caused by the lockdown.


Here are reasons why people may experience fashion burnout:


  1. Change in the body:
fashion burnout
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The lockdown, more than the pandemic itself, has taken a toll on most people’s health. People have spent an unnatural amount of time indoors, mostly sitting for a prolonged period. Physical activity has been drastically reduced and posture worsened.


The change in people’s bodies has resulted in a lack of confidence to wear something dressier.


  1. Change in appearance:


While salons were shut for most of the lockdown, their reopening did not impact people’s anxiety much. At the same time, the lackluster life in the lockdown demotivated people to focus on their appearances like they used to. This is another reason why people feel reluctant to dress up.


  1. Comfort zone in PJs:


Lately, people have gotten too comfortable in loose T-shirts and tight drawstring joggers. A sudden change into wearing a suit, a bodycon dress, or even a pair of jeans can feel uncomfortable and tight.


  1. Avoiding the public eye:
fashion fomo
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A lot of people going through this may not be aware of it. You may be someone who video calls their friends regularly. However, staying indoors for so long has made people conscious of the public eye. To put it simply, people do not want to do something that gets them “too much attention”. Fashion speaks a lot about a person. This is why when you see a person on the street wearing a hooded sweatshirt with loose cotton trousers, you know what it means.


  1. Wardrobe block:


Two important things that changed amidst the lockdown were the availability of garments and people’s wallets. While online shopping soared, most purchases were made for essential items and PJs without fashion being on top priority.


There may be a lot of people who still had the motivation or (one may say) courage to wear something nice, their lockdown wardrobe did not permit them to!


  1. Fashion FOMO:
fashion burnout
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Now, fashion FOMO may seem like something that encourages people, even more, to wear trendy clothes and look their best. However, the lockdown version of it had a reversed effect. The excessive fear of missing out on trends along with the pressure created by social media influencers resulted in people giving up on fashion altogether.


The brighter side:


Fashion burnout has managed to suck the energy out of most people amidst the lockdown. And this may go on for a while even after all the pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted. However, this temporary misdirection in fashion has more positives to it than one may realize.


Today, one has a great opportunity to find out their “personal style”, as mere loungewear has been the biggest pandemic-era trend whatsoever! This is true because it is not just you who is facing this burnout, but every single person!


This is the time for people to not only explore beyond the “trends” but also to accept their imperfections. Fashion burnout is a great time for body positivity and acceptance. The key is to keep in mind that “You are not alone”!

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