8 promising ways to make room temperature normal

Trouble sleeping? 8 ways to make the room temperature normal for a good slumber.



Sleep is vital for good health and wellbeing. However, sleep patterns are highly dependent on external factors, and most people overlook them. Maintaining a room temperature normal  directly impacts sleep. 

What’s room temperature?

According to a study, a room temperature of 19-21 degrees Celsius (66.2-69.8 degrees Fahrenheit) is optimal for a good sleep, whereas a deviation from 31-35 degrees Celsius has negative impacts. 

room temperature normal
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To obtain an uninterrupted, good night’s rest, it is valuable to optimize the room temperature. 


The following are eight ways to manage an ideal room temperature for good sleep: 


For Summers:


Summers require more work to achieve good sleep as hot climates directly impact it. Hence, it is crucial to cool down the room temperature to make the eyelids naturally drop. Here are some ways for making room temperature normal:


  • Air conditioners:
room temperature normal
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This was probably the first thing that struck most people on reading the headline. Air conditioners are indeed helpful. Even so, a common mistake that people often make is to keep the AC on all night. It will not only consume huge amounts of energy but also will make the room unnaturally too cold, causing discomfort.


Hence, it is recommended to set a timer and keep the AC in sleep mode during the night. The sleep mode gradually increases the temperature every hour once the room starts to get too cold. Cleaning its filters and getting the appliance serviced on a timely basis helps make the best use of it.


False ceilings make the best use of air conditioners and help reduce energy consumption. The cool air trapped between the two ceiling layers helps maintain a cool temperature even after switching off the AC.


  • Air Purifiers:
room temperature normal
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An essential step in making the room cooler is by making the air cleaner. The study suggests that dust and pollutants have thermal effects on the environment. Hence, air purifiers contribute considerably in reducing room temperature and facilitating sound sleep.


  • Get rid of the rugs and heat-inducing appliances:

room temperature normal

The thick fabric in rugs and carpets absorbs the coolness in the air. Similarly, appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and computer systems generate heat in the room when switched on.


Hence, it is suggested to shift the warm rugs, carpets, and appliances to a different room before snoozing. This change will require little effort but will show considerable benefits.


  • Turn on the exhaust fans:

Similar to dust and pollution, moisture too causes a warmer temperature and humidity. Most of this moisture accumulates in the kitchen and the bathroom. Hence, turning on the exhaust fans before bedtime is a way to eliminate excess heat.


For Winters:


Winters bring us a lazy, sleep-inducing atmosphere as it is. Nonetheless, severely cold or damp weather can cause discomfort. Therefore, one must still seek to maintain a room temperature normal.


room temperature normal
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Be it winter or summer, a thermostat is a great device to balance the room temperature. Unlike most appliances, thermostats are ideal for keeping switched on when the house is unoccupied, the reason being its gradual yet highly effective results.


  • Ceiling fans:

Most people living in tropical climates make use of ceiling fans regardless of the season. They are habitually switched on even during winters. One must be careful about adjusting it to the required speed to obtain a good sleep while saving those extra bucks on the bill.


Few ceiling fans have a winter mode. This allows the fan to rotate clockwise and make the cold air warmer.


  • Modulating furnaces:

This may not be available in most houses. Even so, the good old furnace is one of the best ways to provide homes with a comforting warmth in severe cold. Furnaces are high-maintenance installations that help in warming up the entire building.


It is wiser to opt for a modulating furnace as it changes the amount of heat it emits depending on the external temperature. Consider yourself lucky if you ever book a villa that includes this luxurious room heater. And if your house has one, then you are no less than a silk-stocking aristocrat!

room temperature normal
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Having a regular sleep pattern is essential for overall health and making the room temperature normal helps do so. So make sure to get rid of that phone an hour before bed and create the ambiance for a good night’s rest! Hope this article would have helped you on ways to make room temperature normal. 

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